'Will the Government Wake up even after the Court's questioning?'

'Will the Government Wake up even after the Court's questioning?'

Darekar's question regarding opening the local trains for the general public

Mumbai / Correspondent

Our agitation to open suburban railway services for the fully vaccinated may seem political to the government; However, whether the government will wake up even after the court notices it, asked Praveen Darekar, Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council. 

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by Darekar, staged an agitation at the Churchgate suburban railway station demanding that local train services be opened to citizens who have taken both doses of the corona vaccine.

On the one hand buses are running at full capacity; the logic behind keeping local train services closed to the public, is beyond our comprehension. The BJP has long demanded that the local train service, which is the lifeline of Mumbaikars, should be opened for those who have been fully vaccinated. This demand of ours and the agitation for it may seem like politics to the government. However, will the government wake up even after the court itself asks when it will provide local train services to the very poor Mumbaikars who cannot afford bus and taxi fares; This is our question and this agitation is being carried out for this awakening of the government to come soon, said Darekar.

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