Aggressive stance of Dr. Bharat Patankar for water issue in 'Karad South Mand Basin'

Four resolutions approved in farmers' determination fight

Aggressive stance of Dr. Bharat Patankar for water issue in 'Karad South Mand Basin'
Dr Bharat Patankar

Karad / Representative : The water problem in Karad Dakshin Mand basin has intensified. Water should be provided immediately for the agriculture irrigation scheme, water for the Yevati Mhasoli and Wakurde Budruk schemes should be provided from the closed pipeline, and the government should immediately approve funds for all these works, and the water of the Warana scheme should be immediately released into the Dakshin Mand river for agriculture and drinking water. The resolution was made in a decisive struggle on behalf of the farmers of the Dakshin Mand valley. National President of Shramik Mukti Dal has warned that if these four resolutions are not considered immediately, a grand march of the farmers of Dakshin Mand Valley will be held on December 18 at the office of Krishna Khore Vikas Corporation at Karavadi (Karad). Given by Bharat Patankar.

At this time Dr. Patankar said, the government does not seem to be sane at present. It is not serious about drought. Ministers in the government are fighting each other for water. However, have the ministers fighting for water reviewed how much water is in which dam? This year, the Koyna Dam is short of 11 TMC water storage. If the water in the basin is continuously released without planning, the problem of load shedding will arise. So it is necessary to use water only after planning. If the water continues to be released as the minister says only for political interest, we will have to face severe water crisis in the future. Last few years load shedding increased due to low water in Koyna dam. Taking this experience, water should be demanded with minimum planning in the next period. He also criticized that today not a single minister is thinking about it soberly.

The water available in the Karad Dakshin Mand valley may be sufficient for this department, but the Water Struggle Committee had passed a resolution in 2018 regarding the Yevati-Mhasoli project and demanded that this water should be provided through closed pipelines instead of through open pits. It was also said that funds should be approved for the survey. The government also approved the fund, but it was not distributed. But now if the government supplies the water of the Wakurde Budruk Yojana in the South Mand Valley and the water of the Yewati Project to agriculture through closed pipelines, then one and a half times more water can be available than today. For this, funds should be distributed urgently for the survey of this scheme. The work of the scheme should be funded and water should be supplied to agriculture from the closed pipeline of the Wakurde scheme. The government should accept our demand and provide funds for it immediately.

Wakurdai water should be immediately released into the Dakshin Mand river basin for Karad South Division. Today, we are boldly saying that we farmers are ready to pay the required amount.
He also warned that the farmers of this division will demand water tomorrow at the office in Kolhapur on December 5 and if these demands are not considered, a march of the farmers of the South Mand Valley will be taken on December 18 at the office of the Krishna Valley Development Corporation at Karwadi.

Sunildutt Shinde, the coordinator of the Pani Sangharsh Samiti in the determination fight, had demanded in 2018 that the irrigation water of Yevati-Mhasoli dam should be supplied to agriculture through the closed pipeline. The government also approved funds for that survey, but said that the survey work has not yet started. Therefore, in the future, the present people's representative and the future people's representatives should pay attention to this and give us water so that the water of Wakurde Budruk scheme and Yewati-Mhasoli scheme can be obtained from the closed pipe line.

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