Thackeray's 'Band-Baja' movement in Pune against Rane

Loud slogans were made by hitting Nilesh Rane's photo

Thackeray's 'Band-Baja' movement in Pune against Rane

Pune, Representative

The Pune Municipal Corporation on Tuesday took action against a property in the name of Union Minister Narayan Rane's son and former MP Nilesh Rane due to arrears of Rs 3 crore 77 lakh. The municipality has sealed Rane's hotel. Now the Shiv Sena Thackeray group has targeted the Rane family over this issue.

The Shiv Sena Thackeray faction on Wednesday staged a band baja protest in front of a property Deccan R Mall. On this occasion, loud slogans were also made by attaching the photo of Nilesh Rane.

On this occasion, Shiv Sena Thackeray group's city chief Sanjay More said, Nilesh Rane, who evades taxes of Pune Municipal Corporation, lives in Mumbai, Konkan, and he evades taxes of Pune Municipal Corporation. More alleged that the Rane family is paying the rent of Rs 3.5 crores to the Pune Municipal Corporation.

Shiv Sena Thackeray group's city head Sanjay More said that Nilesh Rane, who evades the Pune Municipal Corporation's tax, lives in Konkan in Mumbai and evades the Pune Municipal Corporation's taxes.

At the same time, we played a band in front of Rane's property to protest against this tax evasion by Rane. But this band was required to be played by Pune Municipality. The Pune Municipal Corporation plays the band in front of the house of common citizens after paying their taxes, but since Nilesh Rane is the son of Union Minister Narayan Rane, did the Municipal Corporation not play the band in front of his house?' He asked this question to the municipal administration.

Also, if Rane does not pay the tax in the next eight days, the Thackeray group will once again stage a band baja protest. More warned. Also, More alleged that the record of this income is in the name of Municipal Corporation Clerk Nilesh Rane and he is sitting in Konkan and eating the rent of this property.

Apart from this, Gajanan Tharkude, the city head of the Thackeray group, said, 'The municipality is taking action in front of its face. Fearing Union Minister Narayan Rane, the municipal administration did not play the band baja at this place. Therefore, we have played the bandwagon and if the municipality does not collect this three and a half crore rupees, then we will protest more strongly in the future.



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