Lok Sabha Election: How will 'Mission South' help in touching the figure of 400?

Lok Sabha Election: How will 'Mission South' help in touching the figure of 400?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also reiterated on International Women's Day that BJP is going to form the government for the third time by crossing the 400 seats mark in this election. The claims of crossing 400 seats were being considered as mere election gimmicks. Critics believed that it was not possible for the BJP, confined to only North Indian states, to cross the four hundred seats mark.

But the way BJP has started fixing its equations in the states of South India, it is believed that the party can cross the number of 400 seats. That is, Prime Minister Modi's promise of 400 seats was not an election slogan, but an estimate based on the concrete strategy of BJP, the layers of which have now started to unravel.

It is left to Modi to draw the line on the stone

According to a BJP leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had indicated this during a high-level meeting of party leaders. According to the leader, the Prime Minister had said that he himself will draw the line on the stone, whereas the work of drawing the line on butter has to be done by other party leaders. According to the leader, the Prime Minister meant that he himself would do the work of winning the difficult mission in the South, while the work of winning in the states of North India, where the party has reached a very strong position, would be left to other party leaders. To do. It was only after this meeting that the Prime Minister suddenly increased his tour in South India.

Strong in Andhra, Odisha, Karnataka, Telangana

The position of YSR Congress in Andhra Pradesh seems to be weakening somewhat. The Telugu Desam Party can directly benefit from this, which has almost joined the NDA. Along with this, the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pawan Kalyan can also strengthen the NDA in Andhra Pradesh. BJP can contest elections on about five seats, out of which its chances may be stronger on two seats. BJP leaders believe that this can benefit BJP in this very important state of the South.

Till now it has been decided that BJP will not go to the elections with BRS in Telangana, but even after this it is expected to win nine to ten seats in the state. There is a possibility of Biju joining hands with Janata Dal in Odisha. It can be announced any time. BJP leaders believe that by coming together with Biju Janata Dal, NDA can win all the 21 seats in the state. This means that even in the South, BJP can do a clean sweep like in North India.

The path to victory has not yet become easy for the party in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, but despite this, the party is expecting to win two to three seats in these states. The party estimates that it can benefit from connecting with Hindu voters, just as many influential Christian leaders of Kerala have come along with it. This means that this time there may be shocking results for political pundits from Kerala too in the context of BJP.

Prime Minister will hold 25 to 30 rallies

It is believed that the Election Commission can announce the Lok Sabha elections 2024 in a week. After this the Prime Minister can hold 25 to 30 rallies in the states of Southern India alone. Not only BJP will benefit from this, but the parties included in the NDA alliance can also benefit from it. In this way BJP can cross the figure of four hundred.


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