RTPCR test is mandatory for travel to Goa

RTPCR test is mandatory for travel to Goa

RTPCR test is mandatory for travel to Goa

Panaji / News Agency

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant told reporters that those entering Goa from outside the state need a negative report of the corona 'RTPCR' test or a complete vaccination certificate. He clarified that this is being taken care of as it is the festive to come. 

Proportion of new corona infection in the state is as low as 1.8 to 2 percent. With the festive season approaching, the number of devotees and tourists from other states is likely to increase in the state, making it mandatory for outsiders to submit RTPCR negative reports or certificates of having received both doses of corona vaccine, Sawant said. The health department will soon announce SOPs for care to be taken during the festive season, he added.

Meanwhile, the state's health department is ready to deal with a possible third wave of corona, said Dr. Shekhar Salkar a member of state's Covid Experts Task Force. He also explained that vaccination is the only way to prevent  deaths because of corona. Corona has claimed 3,000 lives in the state, of which 2,000 have died during the second wave. He said that only 11 people were vaccinated who lost their lives. 

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