US, IMF to block Taliban's funding

US, IMF to block Taliban's funding

US, IMF to block Taliban's funding

Washington / News Agency

Although the Taliban have succeeded in capturing Afghanistan, the United States, along with the International Monetary Fund, has taken steps to impose a strict economic embargo on the Taliban. The Taliban will not be able to access the large amount of money reserved for Afghanistan in the IMF.

Central Bank of Afghanistan's  9.5 billion, or Rs 706 billion, has been frozen by US. This was followed by the IMF's reserve of $ 460 million for Afghanistan. It has decided to freeze Rs 43 crore. The steps have been taken to ensure that the funds do not fall into the hands of the Taliban. Cash will not be provided in Afghanistan as long as it is under Taliban control.

The Taliban has decided to close all import and export trade with India after taking control of Afghanistan. India exports medicines, sugar, spices, tea, coffee and electricity distribution equipment to Afghanistan, while India imports dried fruits and onions from India. This transaction is currently stalled.

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