Stop booster doses of corona; WHO appeals to advanced nations

Stop booster doses of corona; WHO appeals to advanced nations

Stop booster doses of corona; WHO appeals to advanced nations

Geneva / News Agency

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on rich nations to stop giving a third "booster dose" of the corona vaccine to at least 10 percent of the world's population until the corona vaccine is available. He warned that the introduction of booster doses would widen the gap between rich and poor nations in terms of immunization.

It is obvious that the administration of every country to take care of its citizens. However, while most of the world’s citizens are still deprived of vaccinations, countries that have used vaccines more so far. It's unfair for them to use another vaccine for a booster dose," Tedros said.

According to the World Health Organization, 50 vaccines have been given to 100 people in rich nations by May. By now it may have doubled once. However, due to non-availability of vaccines in many poor countries, it has not been possible to provide even one and a half vaccines to every 100 citizens, he pointed out. Tedros also noted the need to focus on how to supply more vaccines to poorer countries, rather than to richer ones.

Countries such as Germany and Saudi Arabia have announced a "booster dose" to keep their citizens safe. A third dose has also been introduced in Israel. According to their policy, the third dose can only be given to citizens above 60 years of age, but President Isaac Herzog has already taken the third dose.

Although vaccines purchased from the United States are said to be supplied to poorer nations, the need and impact of a third dose is being tested in that country. It is said that the administration is ready to use the available vaccine for 'booster' if required.

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