'US helps other countries to increase vaccine production'

'US helps other countries to increase vaccine production'

Assuarance given by President Joe Biden

Washington / News Agency

Many countries around the world urgently need billions of corona vaccines. By increasing its involvement in the fight against corona, the United States will make the vaccine available to other countries. It will also help increase vaccine production in countries with vaccine production potential like India; This was stated by US President Joe Biden at a press conference.

Corona preventive vaccines are being produced in large quantities in the United States. These vaccines are being supplied to many countries in need and will continue to be so. The United States does not charge for the vaccines, Biden said.

The United States is ready to take the lead in supplying vaccines worldwide. During World War II, the United States took on the responsibility of protecting democracy around the world, and it was able to do so.The United States stands ready to take on the responsibility of making vaccines available worldwide, even in the Corona crisis. Biden said the quad was partnering with India, Japan and Australia to increase vaccine production as well as increase production.

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