Due to consecutive holidays, the traffic at Khambataki Ghat Slow for about eight hours

Due to consecutive holidays, the traffic at Khambataki Ghat Slow for about eight hours

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Due to the Christmas festival and consecutive holidays, the traffic at Khambataki Ghat was running at slow speed for about eight hours. Meanwhile, due to the traffic jam for some time, a queue of seven kilometers was seen.

On Saturday, there was a rush of vehicles on the Asian Highway as a large number of tourists and drivers left from Pune Mumbai to Satara Kolhapur. From eight o'clock in the morning to four o'clock in the evening, the traffic was moving at a very slow speed. Highway Police and Khandala Police were controlling the traffic from early morning and it was seen that the traffic was smooth.

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Due to the widening of the ghat road in the area of Datta Mandir, Khamjai Mandir in Khambatki Ghat, only one hundred meters distance has not been widened, there is always a traffic jam every Saturday, Sunday and during the consecutive holiday period. There is always a rush of vehicles on this highway. During the consecutive holidays, the flow of citizens to the tourist places in Western Maharashtra increases. Due to the end of the year, Christmas holidays, and the added Saturday and Sunday, citizens of cities like Mumbai, Thane, Pune have come out for tourism with their families. Due to this, traffic was seen on all roads. A large number of vehicles were plying on the highway since Saturday morning. Two wheelers, Four wheelers, Travels, Buses,

Heavy vehicles like cargo trucks, trailers, containers were passing through Khambatki Ghat. Coming to the Datta Mandir area, there were queues of vehicles behind as there was a two-lane road and a sharp turn.

The highway and Khandala police had taken care to ensure that there is no traffic jam in the Ghat road since early morning. But around eight in the morning, the number of vehicles increased to a large extent. Queues of vehicles started at the ghat. Around twelve in the afternoon, these queues were about seven kilometers up to Kesurdi MIDC.
Some motorists saw the rush of vehicles at the ghat and diverted their vehicles through the tunnel, resulting in a traffic jam.

Meanwhile, the vehicle was getting hot and shutting down on Ghat road. With the help of the driver and passengers, the police moved the stalled vehicles to the side of the road. The police started the closed vehicles with the help of local small crane drivers and fitters and guided them.

At this time, Assistant Police Inspector Harshad Galinde, Assistant Police Inspector Varsha Shinde, Deputy Police Inspector Hanmant Shinde, Nilesh Gaikwad, Khandala Police Station Rajendra Ahirrao, Prakash Farande, Nitin Mahangere, Dattatray Dhaygude restored the traffic around four o'clock.

Financial burden for vehicle owners?

Incidents of vehicle stalling occur frequently in Khambatki Ghat. Due to this, the passengers have to suffer a lot if there is a queue of vehicles.

Crane demand!

Traffic is jammed in Khambatki Ghat on the highway during rush hours or if the vehicle stops. A crane is needed at this time. Since the highway authority crane is not available, the road has to be opened by removing the vehicles with the help of private cranes. There is a demand to provide a permanent crane near the Swaroopi Dutt temple to reduce the inconvenience to the motorists and to save the time of the passengers.

Tourists suffering?

Tourists flock to the scenic spots in western Maharashtra including Pachagani, Mahabaleshwar. Currently, due to consecutive holidays, there was more traffic with tourists and passenger vehicles. This led to a traffic jam at Khambataki Ghat. Due to the long queues of vehicles, it was seen that instead of the joy of tourism, one had to endure the agony.


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