Bow down before Delhi; Dr. Amol Kolhe's Indirect Criticism Of Ajit Pawar

Baramati Farmers Protest March

Bow down before Delhi; Dr. Amol Kolhe's Indirect Criticism Of Ajit Pawar

Baramati / Pune : When the king of the jungle goes in a circus,  he has to follow the ring master's instructions, the tiger-like tigers have now bowed before Delhi and they cannot raise the farmers' issues, MP Dr. Amol Kolhe criticised Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar without naming him.

The farmers' protest march started under the leadership of MP Supriya Sule and MP Amol Kolhe ended with a torch march on the third day after arriving in Baramati city. At this time, Dr. Kolhe was speaking. On this occasion, NCP District President Jagannath Shewale, Shiv Sena District Chief Adv Rajendra Kale, Shiv Sena Shirur Division District Chief Suresh Bhor, NCP Taluka President Adv S N. Jagtap, city president Adv Sandeep Gujar, Congress city president Adv Ashok Ingule, NCP spokesperson Vikas Gawande, Vanita Bankar and other officials were present.

On this occasion, MP Amol Kolhe said, when a tiger is in the forest; Then he feels like a king. But when the same tiger exercises on the warning of the ring master in the circus, then there is trouble. The tiger whom I loved dearly, whose fear used to make even the best tremble, today he has to growl in the cage.

In recent political developments, we had two choices, one was to kneel before oppression and the other was to fight. Me & MP Supriya Sule chose the option of struggle. There are problems of farmers in the state. The government is not paying attention to these questions. After coming to Baramati, the response of the youth and women to the protest march was seen in Sangharsh Yatra.

Supriya Sule said in her speech that the relationship between Baramati and the Pawar family is six decades old and sent me to Delhi as the daughter of Saheb and the sister of Ajit Pawar. Sharad Pawar created the world from nothing. Sule called the BJP a 'Corrupt Jumla Party' saying that we have staged a protest march because we don't have an agriculture minister.

Speaking on this occasion, MP Supriya Sule promised that after the Mahavikas Aghadi government comes to power, we will waive off the loans of the farmers. Meanwhile, he also gave an assurance that even if the love of Baramatikars decreases, the faith will not be allowed to decrease. On this occasion, Shiv Sena District Chief Adv.Rajendra Kale said that this protest march was taken against the rulers as the farmers do not currently have a guardian.


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