Donald Trump in trouble due to fine of around Rs 30 billion, even faced the need to sell his property

Donald Trump in trouble due to fine of around Rs 30 billion, even faced the need to sell his property

Presidential elections are to be held in America in a few months. In such a situation, former President Donald Trump seems to be in trouble. In fact, the date of payment of fine in the civil fraud case is getting closer and his team is not able to find any option to avoid it.

What is the case?
Actually, Trump had appealed against the court's decision in the civil fraud case of Rs 45.4 crore. In February, the New York court had ordered him to pay a fine of $355 million (about Rs 29.46 billion in Indian currency), which has now increased to $454 million. The court had sentenced Trump as well as his sons and also imposed a fine on them. It was said in the media report that due to such a huge fine, Trump's financial condition could be affected.

Trump doesn't even have the option of speaking.
In a report quoting people aware of Trump's situation, it was said that the problems facing Trump have increased. He is very worried because he has not been able to collect even half the fine amount. Trump's legal team is working day and night non-stop to explore various options. Earlier, Trump had some hope from the insurance company Chabh, but now this too has been dashed. In fact, Chabh had informed his lawyers that this option no longer exists.

Fine has to be paid by March 25
Trump is now planning to sell his properties. His team is said to have reached out to supporters and considered the possibility of quickly selling the property. The report said that the date for paying the fine is nearing. Trump has to pay the fine by March 25. Due to such a huge fine, reports of his financial condition worsening have started coming out. Because of this the former President is surrounded by worries.

Called the decision illegal
According to the report, Trump has expressed his disappointment with New York Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Angoron regarding this case in a closed room. He has termed this decision as completely illegal and wrong. In a post shared on social media, Donald Trump had also described the American justice system as a threat.

Trump targeted the justice system in the post
Donald Trump had written in a social media post, 'The justice system of America and New York is in danger and it has judges and lawyers who are biased and promote division. Trump specifically targeted Attorney General Tish James and alleged that Tish James has been trying to implicate him for a long time. Trump wrote that he had helped New York City in bad times, but now I am being thrown out of here.

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung on Tuesday called these allegations baseless.


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