Victims of rotten mentality

Victims of rotten mentality

In India, there are no signs of an end to the injustice and oppression of the Dalit neglected backward classes. Viraj Jagtap, a 19-year-old boy from Pimpri Chinchwad in Pune, was recently killed only because he was in love with an alleged upper caste girl, also Arvind Bansode of Narkhed near Nagpur was killed for

In India, there are no signs of an end to the injustice and oppression of the Dalit neglected backward classes. Viraj Jagtap, a 19-year-old boy from Pimpri Chinchwad in Pune, was recently killed only because he was in love with an alleged upper caste girl, also Arvind Bansode of Narkhed near Nagpur was killed for a small issue like gas booking.

While the corona virus has caused concern in many large countries around the world, right-wing reactionary forces are also gaining ground in those countries. Corona took lakhs of victims in the United States, while the number of victims is still increasing day by day, there was also a manifestation of the rotten mentality that discriminates from race to black and white. The whole world saw the thorny scene of the death of George Floyd, a black man, by the white police.

India is ready to compete with the US in every respect. Here too, while Corona is being victimized, two Buddhist youths have been victimized by the same rotten mentality of casteism. While India, a developing country, is dreaming of becoming a superpower, the country is plagued by various problems, including economic ones. The head of government, who is still dreaming, is having fun sending people to a fool’s paradise to see if the situation is real.

There is not much difference in the basic mentality of the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the country and the government of President Donald Trump in the United States. They seem to complement each other as if they were beads of the same string. Are the identities of different sections of the society intensifying in these two countries, or is it being used only for politics? The lack of a dutiful government to curb these cases has created a conducive environment for discrimination. It is convenient for politics to maintain this situation.

As the world moves towards modernity, the so-called upper caste and upper caste identities in India, which are mired in age-old traditions and caste discrimination, are treating the backward Dalits, the victims, along with other religions, as inferior and fueling the mentality of hatred. The incidence of swarms is increasing in the country. They are being noticed globally. But not only the investigation system but also the judiciary does not seem to have the mentality of giving justice to the backward elements. Therefore, violence in the name of caste is now justified.

Pimpri Chinchwad’s Viraj was loved and the government did not want to take the matter seriously. Arvind Bansode, a clever boy who passed the Central Public Service Commission examination at Narkhed near Nagpur, was killed out of jealousy of being highly educated. He took a photo of the phone number plate on the shop to ask when it would be open for gas booking as the gas agency shop was closed. Why did he take the picture? Three or four people beat him to death. There, in the United States, George Floyd was hit in the neck until he died. He was trying to say, “I’m suffocating.” But the white cop was not in the mood to show mercy, whose orders did they want to obey? People took to the streets in various parts of the United States to protest Floyd’s assassination.

In Maharashtra, a large number of Dalit Buddhist children are being killed. This poison of inequality is spreading more and more. But it is simply impossible for all sections of society to take to the streets in protest,  like it was shown in the Kopardi case. The media does not give much importance to the backward classes. In the Ramabai Nagar case in Mumbai, Manohar Kadam, a police inspector, shot dead eleven Buddhist youths. No drastic action was taken on that move except suspension. Whether it is the murder of three Dalits at Sonai in Nagar district or the murder of Nitin Aage at Kharda, many such cases have taken place in Phule, Shahu and Ambedkar’s state. Some progressive organizations raise their voices, Dalit leaders visit their families What next? In Nirbhaya case the accused were hanged after seven years. There was no such thing as racial differences. But the results of the murders due to the rotten mentality of caste discrimination have not come yet. The Khairlanji massacre, which took place about fifteen or sixteen years ago, is still pending in the Supreme Court. There is no verdict, both the investigative machinery and the courts are deliberately ignoring the cases, and there is no political will to settle the case and punish the culprits.

Justice delayed is justice denied The same thing has happened. See how inequality is still growing. Prominent examples of this have emerged recently. In a school in Indore, forty Muslim girls were seated on one side and a Hindu girl on the other. Although the authorities have given a convincing explanation that social distancing was maintained due to Corona, forty Muslim girls on one side and a Hindu girl on the other, then why there is no distancing between Muslim girls, their Muslim hatred is evident. Hindu-Muslim hatred is on the rise. In West Bengal, while teaching children U for Ugly in English, a picture of a dark boy was shown in front of the word in the book. Two teachers were suspended for that. A committee of inquiry was also appointed, but no such action was taken in Indore.

The BJP-ruled states are violating the guidelines of the Constitution for adherence to inter-religious equality, as well as racial, sectarian and caste distinctions. In Maharashtra, there is no BJP government now. The Congress-NCP leaders in the government who are cheering Phule, Shahu and Ambedkar during the elections. They should take all sections of the society along. Appropriate action is not being taken to curb such incidents. These parties also seem to be ignoring it. Therefore, along with the corona infection, the sectarian caste infection is also flourishing. As long as the right forces are strong, this atmosphere is unlikely to improve.

But George Floyd incident is a big blow to Trump, there is anti racist protest all over America and many other countries by both black and also white, his popularity has gone down. Americans did not approve his response towards protests against killing of Floyd and racism. This is warning to Modi too.


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