Don't let cryptocurrency fall into the wrong hands: Modi

Don't let cryptocurrency fall into the wrong hands: Modi

Don't let cryptocurrency fall into the wrong hands: Modi

New Delhi / Correspondent

In the case of cryptocurrency, all democracies must come together and work together. The first thing, cryptocurrency should not go into the wrong hands. Otherwise it could lead the younger generation down the wrong path; the warning was given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Modi addressed the 'Sydney Dialogue' in Australia through video conferencing. The strategic partnership between India and Australia will be a global boon. This partnership will help the region and the world to prosper," Modi said.

In the digital age, radical changes are taking place all around us. These changes have changed the very definition of politics, economics and society. This age has raised new questions in the face of sovereignty, governance, security, ethics, law and authority. The Prime Minister stated that we are witnessing the changes that will take place once in a lifetime. More than 130 crore citizens in India have got their own digital identity. He also said that India is taking rapid steps to connect 6 lakh villages with broadband.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, it was an honor for us that Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the Sydney Dialogue. He expressed confidence that the friendship between India and Australia was strong and would be further strengthened in the years to come. He also mentioned that both the countries are making rapid progress in the fields of science, space science and digital technology.

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