UN must maintain its credibility; says Prime Minister Modi

UN must maintain its credibility; says Prime Minister Modi

UN must maintain its credibility; says Prime Minister Modi

United Nations / News Agency

The question mark over the credibility and influence of the United Nations is a serious one and the United Nations should take the necessary steps to maintain its credibility, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while addressing the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations. He acknowledged that the United Nations has a responsibility to protect world order, global law and global values.

The United Nations needs to increase its influence and credibility if it is to survive. At present, there are many questions about the United Nations. Modi said the issue of global warming, the Corona crisis, growing terrorism around the world and the pseudo-war, events in Afghanistan and many other issues have darkened the question mark on the United Nations.

Modi called on member states to strengthen their responsibility to regulate the world, protect global laws and values, noting that the credibility of the UN agencies has been eroded over the decades by issues such as the origin of the corona virus and the rating of a business-friendly environment. 

In his speech, the Prime Minister referred to the words of Arya Chanakya and Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.  He says on the basis of Chanakyavachana that, not doing the right deeds at the right time destroys the work, then, be fearless on the path of good deeds. Let all weaknesses, all doubts be eradicated, he wished, quoting a poem by Tagore.

Expressing hope that Afghanistan's land should not be used to feed terrorism, Modi said it was important to take care that no other country would use the fragile situation in Afghanistan as a tool for its own selfish ends. "The people of Afghanistan, especially women and children, need help and we must fulfill this responsibility," he said.

Modi, while avoiding naming Pakistan, criticized its efforts to promote terrorism. A country that is using terrorism as a political weapon should understand that terrorism is just as dangerous for them too. In his speech, Modi also mentioned China's insubordination in the Indian Pacific region. Our sea is our rich heritage. We must use the resources of the sea. No abuse. The sea is the lifeline of international trade. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the sea from expansionism and dictatorship, he said.

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