Nigdi Lighthouse Inaugurated Online by Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

Nigdi Lighthouse Inaugurated Online by Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

Nigdi, Pune, Maharashtra - The Nigdi Lighthouse, an innovative social welfare program aimed at upscaling youth through skill development, was inaugurated online on May 15, 2023, at the hands of the Hon. Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri. Devendra Fadanavis. The operational cost for Nigdi Lighthouse is sponsored by eClerx. eClerx offers comprehensive business process management, automation, and analytics services to Fortune 2000 enterprises, spanning diverse industries such as financial services, communications, retail, fashion, media & entertainment, manufacturing, travel & leisure, and technology.  

The e-inauguration ceremony was led by Hon. Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis, accompanied by Shri Chandrant Patil, Minister of Higher and Technical Education of Maharashtra, and Mr. Shekhar Singh, PCMC Commissioner.

During the e-inauguration, Mr. Shekhar Singh announced the establishment of the Lighthouse program. He highlighted the success of the existing Lighthouse Centre in Pimpri, which has been operating for the past two years. The Lighthouses in PCMC are set to benefit 2.5 - 3.0 lakh youth through a saturation model. Furthermore, plans are underway to launch eight Lighthouses and eight WoW (World of Work) centers in the PCMC area.

Since its inception, the Lighthouse program has witnessed an overwhelming response from the youth. Over 1,700 young people have participated in the two existing centers, with more than 650 individuals enrolling in skill development programs and commencing their training. The foundation courses provided by the program have played a crucial role in equipping students with essential skills for their journey ahead. Notably, more than 530 youth have secured employment in various organizations, while others have successfully established their own businesses.

To assess the progress and meet the youth, a visit was organized to the Nigdi Lighthouse on May 19, 2023. Mr. Shekhar Singh, PCMC Commissioner, along with the esteemed delegation from eClerx, including PD Mundhra (Founder), Deepa Kapoor (Independent Director), Amir Bharwani (CHRO), Seema Wagle (CSR Lead, VP), Sneha Saxena (Associate Principal, SVP Financial Markets), and Ved More (Associate Process Manager, CSR), was warmly welcomed by Ganesh Natarajan (Chairman) and Ruchi Mathur (CEO and Director) of Lighthouse Communities Foundation, along with other team members.

The Nigdi Lighthouse is a three-storey building spread across 3500 sq feet. It aims to empower the youth by providing them with the necessary skills and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Through strategic collaborations and dedicated efforts, the Lighthouse program envisions a brighter future for the underserved youth of India.

Mr. Singh said, "We are proud to inaugurate the Nigdi Lighthouse, a significant step towards empowering our youth through skill development. The Lighthouse program, along with the existing center in Pimpri, showcases our commitment to creating a brighter future for the young generation. By upscaling 2.5 - 3.0 lakh youth through the saturation model, we aim to equip them with the necessary skills to succeed in their chosen paths. We are excited about the future as we plan to establish more Lighthouses and WoW centers in the PCMC area, further expanding our impact on the community."

Ruchi Mathur added, "At Lighthouse Communities Foundation, we believe in the transformative power of education and skills. The inauguration of the Nigdi Lighthouse marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower youth and create opportunities for their growth. We are committed to providing a nurturing environment where young individuals can acquire essential skills, unlock their potential, and shape their own futures. Together with our dedicated team and esteemed partners, we are determined to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of the youth we serve."

Dr. Natrajan added, "The inauguration of the Nigdi Lighthouse is a testament to our collective vision of empowering youth and fostering inclusive growth. At Lighthouse Communities Foundation, we are dedicated to providing a platform where young individuals can discover their talents, acquire relevant skills, and build a strong foundation for success. The Lighthouse program is a hope for a brighter future for underserved youth. Together, with our committed team and stakeholders, we strive to create a society where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and contribute meaningfully."

"We are proud to support the Lighthouse Communities Foundation in its mission to empower youth through skill development. At eClerx, we believe in investing in the future of our communities, and partnering with Lighthouse aligns perfectly with our commitment to creating positive social impact. Together, we can provide the necessary resources and opportunities for the underserved youth, enabling them to unlock their full potential and thrive in their personal and professional lives." - PD Mundhra, Founder of eClerx.

Key characteristics of the model include:
Collective Action by building an ecosystem of various stakeholders comprising the government, corporates, NGOs, and other implementing partners
In 54653Public Private Partnership Model, the Capital Expenditure (physical space/infrastructure) is provided by the local Municipal Corporation while the Operational Expenditure is secured with the support of our corporate and institutional partners.

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