Sharjah Chamber of Commerce continues trade mission in India, highlighting Sharjah’s promising investment opportunities

SCCI delegation holds meeting with Indian Exporter

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce continues trade mission in India, highlighting Sharjah’s promising investment opportunities

Mumbai: The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has continued its trade mission in the Republic of India for the second day in a row, striving to bolster the visibility of local industries and establish new export avenues for Emirati companies in Indian markets.


Organized by the Sharjah Exports Development Center, the mission looks forward to streamlining communication between its members and India's key industry players across various sectors, exploring lucrative investment opportunities, and highlighting Sharjah's diverse industries.


The business & trade delegation from the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry are visiting Mumbai & Delhi respectively on the 29th & 31st of May 2023 respectively with opportunities for business partnerships, trade & investment collaboration. The physical event “UAE MEETS INDIA – UAE Trade mission to Mumbai, India” hosted by the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) was instrumental in promoting bilateral investments and addressing trade-related issues. Regular meetings between officials from both India & UAE facilitated the identification of new areas for cooperation and the resolution of trade barriers.

Chairman of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry “Honorable H.E. Abdalla Sultan Al Owais” addressed the event attendees on several initiatives to enhance trade relations and the identification of new areas for cooperation and the resolution of trade barriers. The Chairman of Kingston Holdings & Member of UAE India Businesses Council “Honorable Lalu Samuel” emphasized on people-to-people contacts and cultural exchanges play a vital role in strengthening the trade relationship. Executive Director of Crescendo Worldwide Pvt. Ltd “Mr. Atul Kaluskar” delivered the welcome note with key insights on the signing of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between India and the UAE in 2020 and the development of bilateral relationships to new heights. CEPA agreement encompasses various areas of cooperation, including trade and investment, defense and security, energy, healthcare, education, and space exploration. It sets the stage for deeper engagement and collaboration between the two countries in the years to come.

Trade between India and the UAE encompasses a wide range of sectors, including petroleum and petrochemicals, gems and jewelry, textiles, engineering goods, agriculture, and information technology. The UAE is a significant source of crude oil for India, meeting a substantial portion of its energy requirements. On the other hand, India is a major exporter of various commodities and goods to the UAE. India and the UAE share a robust and diverse trade relationship that continues to flourish. UAE has emerged as an attractive destination for Indian businesses seeking investment opportunities and expanding their global reach. Indian companies have made substantial investments in sectors such as real estate, construction, healthcare, hospitality, and logistics in the UAE. The UAE, in turn, has shown a keen interest in India's infrastructure projects, renewable energy, and other sectors. Both countries have recognized the immense potential for collaboration and have taken proactive measures to further enhance their economic ties. As they continue to explore new avenues for cooperation, the India-UAE trade relations are poised to reach even greater heights in the future.

India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) share a strong and multifaceted trade relationship that has significantly expanded over the years. The trade ties between these two nations have been built on a foundation of mutual trust, strategic partnerships, and economic cooperation. India and the UAE have a long history of bilateral trade, which has been further strengthened by frequent high-level visits and collaborations. The UAE is one of India's largest trading partners in the Gulf region, and India is the UAE's second-largest trading partner globally.


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