Will Amol Kolhe meet Ajit Pawar's challenge?

Will Amol Kolhe meet Ajit Pawar's challenge?

Amarsingh Mokashi

Since the last five-year elections (year 2019), there have been many political earthquakes in the politics of Maharashtra. The picture of parties and their leaders sitting on each other's lap is being seen in which the parties and their leaders have close ties. Different events are happening every day that are shocking to the masses. A similar incident has happened in Shirur Lok Sabha constituency.

Amol Kolhe, who joined the Nationalist Congress Party by saying 'Jai Maharashtra' to the Shiv Sena, was nominated for Shirur Lok Sabha by NCP's surveyor Sharad Pawar (2019) and Kolhe was elected on the clock. Due to the vertical split between the current Ajit Pawar and Sharad Pawar, whose watch is the NCP? Although this is a key issue, there is a different excitement in Shirur Lok Sabha constituency. That excitement is the challenge given by Ajit Dada to the current MP of NCP (Sharad Pawar group) Amol Kolhe!

Deputy Chief Minister and leader of NCP (Ajit Pawar group) Ajit Pawar gave an open and public challenge to Amol Kolhe, a staunch leader of Sharad Pawar group, saying 'I see how you win the next Lok Sabha election, by giving a candidate against you and electing him, this is my challenge'. is While reacting to Ajitdad's challenge, MP Amol Kolhe summed it up a bit, 'If I was wrong, I wanted to catch my ear, we will do whatever decision Sharad Pawar takes. It has been announced that the people of Shirur have accepted Ajit Pawar's challenge by clarifying that they value principle and loyalty more than 'funds'.

Amol Kolhe is a public relations man who has reached every household through films, serials, dramas etc. on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj. Few MPs of NCP were elected despite 'Modi wave'. Among them, Amol Kolhe's name has to be taken first. The alchemy of change in Shirur constituency was demonstrated by young leadership like Kolhe. Today, when there is a vertical split in the NCP, only a few office bearers have stood in favor of Sharad Pawar, including foxes, and that is why it is being speculated that they have to face Ajit Pawar's wrath.

Ajit Pawar is a great, strategic and diplomatic politician! Ajit Pawar's open and public challenge to someone means that he (the other) will have to wait, this is the bitter truth of Maharashtra politics so far! However, it cannot be forgotten that Amol Kolhe is also not a disciple of weak Guru. Amol Kolhe, who is calm and composed, has responded to Ajit Pawar's challenge with a very cool head. This means that Kolhe will definitely have decided his next strategy. Whether Kolhe should stay with 'Sharad Pawar' or go with 'Ajit Pawar' or follow a different 'way' in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections is going to be a key and political diplomacy issue. Therefore, the whole of Maharashtra will be watching to see what MP Amol Kolhe will take on Ajit Pawar's challenge.


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