NGO's Water and Sanitation Initiative Applauded by NITI Aayog Official

NGO's Water and Sanitation Initiative Applauded by NITI Aayog Official
NGO's Water and Sanitation Initiative Applauded by NITI Aayog Official Anand Shekhar

Pune: Anand Shekhar, Additional Mission Director at NITI Aayog, commended the collaborative efforts of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in extending water and sanitation initiatives across all segments of society.

Speaking at the "WASH Summit" event, organized to commemorate the 25th silver jubilee anniversary of CYDA (Youth Development Association), Shekhar expressed confidence that the partnership between NGOs and the government would significantly enhance the implementation of effective drinking water systems in the future.

The summit, held at Annabhau Sathe Cultural Hall in Yashwantnagar, Yerawada, Pune, featured NITI Aayog Campaign Director K.K. Sharma as the chief guest. Anand Shekhar, Chief Executive of WaterAid India, V.K. Madhavan, and WASH Specialist Mahesh Mishra were also present.

During his address, Shekhar urged any sections of society still lacking access to toilets and water systems to reach out to local administrations or directly contact the Ministry of Jal Shakti through the website for assistance.

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V.K. Madhavan, Chief Executive Officer of WaterAid India, highlighted the challenges in achieving water, health, and sanitation goals, emphasizing the need for sustained efforts, behavioural change, and community participation.

Mahesh Mishra, a WASH subject matter expert, raised concerns about natural resources being threatened by climate change and advocated for enhancing and exploring new resources through special efforts.

The summit comprised various sessions discussing topics such as WASH sustainability, new technologies in WASH, and cutting-edge innovations. The discussions were chaired by Wash Subject Matter Expert Mahesh Mishra, with the participation of industry experts and representatives from organizations such as Plan India, Save the Children, UNICEF, IIT Bombay, Finnish Foundation, Sehgal Foundation, and others.

The success of the program was attributed to the dedicated efforts of M. N. Sanyal, Nitesh Singrul, Shahaji Gadhire, Priya Kothari, and the committed activists of the organization.


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