Sharad Pawar Accuses Ajit Pawar of Coercive Politics; Ajit Pawar Denies Allegations

Sharad Pawar Accuses Ajit Pawar of Coercive Politics; Ajit Pawar Denies Allegations

Pune: A political feud erupted as Sharad Pawar levelled accusations against Ajit Pawar, alleging strong-arm tactics in the Baramati constituency to secure election victories. Responding to these allegations, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar defended himself, stating that his track record speaks for itself and questioning whether people would have elected him if he engaged in such politics.

He said, “For the last so many years, you have been knowing me. If I had done this kind of politics, would people have elected me?

Ajit Pawar emphasised the distinction between organisational management and politics, stating that while organisational management has to run according to its own rules, so too does politics. Furthermore, he condemned any form of coercion or intimidation in politics, asserting that those found engaging in such practices should face police intervention and subsequent legal action.

During his campaign in Baramati, Sharad Pawar accused certain individuals, including Ajit Pawar, of threatening voters with denial of services unless they voted a certain way. He reassured the people of Baramati, urging them not to succumb to coercive tactics and pledging his support for them.

Addressing the people, Sharad Pawar criticised those resorting to coercive politics. He said, “Some people are doing the politics of coercion. But they forget who placed them in that position.” Meanwhile, Ajit Pawar was in Baramati for a visit when he addressed the media, responding to the accusations levelled against him.

In response to concerns raised by Vijay Shivtare, Ajit Pawar disclosed discussions with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis regarding holding a public gathering (sabha) in Purandar Taluka. He confirmed plans to hold the sabha on April 11th, emphasising his commitment to honouring promises, unlike others, and subtly alluding to Sharad Pawar.

Ajit Pawar also disclosed plans for Mahayuti leaders to convene meetings to finalise their candidates for Satara and Nashik. However, he sidestepped questions regarding Sharad Pawar’s endorsement of the Janai Shirsai scheme, merely expressing goodwill towards him.


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