NCP's (AP) strong campaign is being carried out in the Baramati Loksabha constituency

NCP's (AP) strong campaign is being carried out in the Baramati Loksabha constituency

Pune, Prof. Sanjay Suryavanshi

"The students' Congress and Youth Congress are campaigning vigorously from the Baramati constituency. The Nationalist Congress Party's (AP) strong campaign is being carried out in the Baramati constituency, led by the Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister of the state Ajit Pawar. What role will Parth Pawar play in the Lok Sabha elections, as asked by journalists? In response, it was stated, 'Parth is responsibly handling organizational matters in an excellent manner,' indicating his prominence in various Lok Sabha constituencies' campaigns. His campaigns are gaining attention from different Lok Sabha constituencies, and he has started promoting his agenda. Parth Pawar utilizes his team's work and organizational skills effectively, creating enthusiasm among workers.

Under the guidance of Youth Leader Parth Pawar, NCP's (AP) campaign has gained momentum at all levels, and Parth Pawar himself is seen working tirelessly in the field. His daily activities include meeting people, fostering enthusiasm among workers, daily reporting, planning, understanding people's problems through voter associations, and addressing them effectively. His work plan, coordination, efficient planning, timely management, adherence to rules, and methodical work approach communicate enthusiasm among workers, inspiring them to work diligently. This enthusiasm is visible in the Baramati constituency, where the Nationalist Students' Congress has entered the election campaign field, along with key figures such as Western Maharashtra President Somnath Lohar, State Secretary Vishal Vihire, as well as State Secretary Keshavji Mane, State Secretary Chaitanya Patil, and Amol Bhosale, who have joined the campaign from Thane. They are organizing meetings with voters in each constituency, empowering student organizations to meet daily targets.

Parth Pawar

Parth Pawar has inherited all his father's Traits

The Qualities of Parth Pawar's Father Deputy Chief Minister Ajitdada Pawar has been visible throughout Maharashtra due to his work. Ajitdada Pawar's disciplined and respectful work style has earned him respect, and Parth Pawar has inherited all his father's qualities, which are visible to party workers. Parth Pawar's father and Deputy Chief Minister Ajitdada Pawar have achieved a lot through their work, showcasing Parth Pawar's qualities effectively. Ajitdada Pawar is a highly skilled and efficient leader, having established his reputation through his work. His work style and dedication, along with his disciplined and respectful approach, have earned him recognition among the people of Maharashtra. Therefore, Parth Pawar has inherited his father's qualities to a great extent, emphasizing discipline, work ethics, and the ability to communicate effectively, all stemming from his father's traits."

Dr. Abhishek Boke

Dr. Abhishek Boke's Team

Dr. Abhishek Boke's Team in the Field After the division of the Nationalist Congress Party into two factions, the entire Pawar family split politically. Dr. Abhishek Boke, a member of the Pawar family, is aligned with Ajitdada Pawar's side. Dr. Abhishek Boke is an expert in the Nationalist Congress Party and has become the main attraction and strategist. Under his leadership and guidance, the Student Congress and Urban Nationalist Congress, as well as the Youth Congress, have started strong campaigns, led by Dr. Abhishek Boke, the President of the Pune Shivaji Nagar constituency. Hence, the campaign has not only gained momentum but is also being executed effectively and efficiently.


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