Book : Soulmate Equation, Rating : 4/5 , Author : Christina Lauren, Review by : Nysa Warlekar

Book : Soulmate Equation, Rating : 4/5 , Author : Christina Lauren, Review by : Nysa Warlekar

I was very excited to read the book, when I first read the synopsis at the back and honestly it was kinda similar to Love Hypothesis but it’s a different universe with different tropes. We have single mother, shy male character, slice of life, slow burn, soft etc etc.

After finishing the book, I was kinda of content with it, however it had been long since I bought the book so all my hype was kinda mid but still I really liked it. It was sort of refreshing to read book because it made me realise a few things about human relationships because in this book there’s, love, taking the chance of faith & betrayal of colleagues in the company (which was similar to love hypothesis but by no means am I saying that there’s no originality of work in soulmate equation but it just struck me how people are prone to do this yet we no nothing about it , even if it’s fiction or in real)

Anyways, I really loved every single character in this book, Jessica, River (yes even I was like “there’s no way that’s his name”) Nana and Pops , the Grandparents and Juno the literal light to this world and lastly we got Felicity Chen our local favourite author and best friend. And the funny yet interesting characteristic of Fizzy would be how she is an author and yet it feels as if Christina is itself in that book just with a different name and no matter how quirky and dirty minded she might be she’s a great friend.

Also it kinda threw me off because of the s*x talk in book, I was thinking while reading being like, okay cmon, enough with the s*x talk. I mean I don’t mind but I didn’t think it would be a conversation people always have but anyways moving on.

River was so ADORABLE!! like no way he’s 35 and such a sweetheart. Even did Jessica no matter how handsome and efficient businessman he would look like & is. she fell in love with him because of how emotional in-depth he is with his feelings plus he has empathy for Jessica and her feelings.

And Jessica is an amazing genius statistic with an amazing child and grandparents, honestly I want her life anyways but because her mother is whack and basically the scum of the year (because who tf comes to her child to only ask for money?. Like?) Jessica is insecure with how she’s leading her life, that’s why she makes no time & efforts for wanting a relationship because if she does she’s not giving prosperity and importance to Juno (which I hope no one goes through because she did a good thing by cutting her mom off)

There’s a quote in the book that says, even if our compatibility is high, the company isn’t gonna be the one to push forth a relationship, that’s up to us to want and make this relationship work. And Jessica and River’s compatibility is fcuking 98% which overtakes 93% of a old couple basically it’s like their genes of 3,500 is compatible with each other, LIKE ISNT THAT AMAZING?? But then we come to the shocking part of knowing that their numbers were fabricated to make the public buy into their productions & good will plus raise the investment in the company. Which was low-key expected because I had reached the part where it’s perfect like Jessica and River are happy as they can be but there was still a few chapters left so I was like where is this gonna go. But I never thought of number being fabricated part like that’s fucked up. For Jessica these number and no matter what their true score might be doesn’t matter to her because she’s already in love with River beyond of whatever was asked for in the contract they sign. But River , like he’s a workaholic and when he realises that HIS OWN TEAM MATES HAVE BETRAYED HIM his whole world and belief in this company starts falling apart. And no matter how Jessica said to River that this doesn’t change their relationship, I feel River wanted confirmation and confidence back in this company because cmon his own two sisters invested in this.

But it can’t be helped, like he because of his work he goes silent on Jessica for 8 DAYS! like HUH…? like while writing I do wanna give justification of him acting like that because I understand what he was going through BUT AT FIRST WHILE READING I WAS NUUH NO WAY PLEASE DON’T DO THIS. but when the whole situation is sorted out in the company he comes back to Jessica he asks for forgiveness and says he doesn’t want to break up with Jessica. And at that point it made me real how real River was during this scene he explains that he hasn’t had a relationship for this long and he gave more priority to his work (like Jessica) and that’s why he can’t be divided from it so he tells that he’ll work on his time management and separate his work with his relationship and prioritise it as well. And because of that, it made me realise again a unique trait of this book how genuine the reason felt and that no one in this world is deemed perfect because in the fictional works of authors, these men are portrayed as amazing and the perfect kind off guy who’s just right for you. From the get go. But River felt unique like how he’s portrayed understanding and a motivation for Jessica because she wanted this relationship to work at the end no matter what they were going through that’s her being selfish and allowing herself to take this leap of faith. And that’s just perfect because River accepts his flaws and works onto them as they both build for their future and Juno’s future together.


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