Bahujan Samaj Party's alliance with only the people: Satish Mishra

Bahujan Samaj Party's alliance with only the people: Satish Mishra

Alleged that Brahmins and Dalits are under terror in UP 

Bareilly / Correspondent 

The Bahujan Samaj Party will contest the forthcoming assembly elections in the state on its own. If there is an alliance of BSP, it is with the people. Therefore, there is no question of forming an alliance with any other party, explained the party's general secretary Satish Mishra.

After the Prabhuddha Sammelan Mishra spoke to reporters. Asked about the third front, he said the general public in the state stood united behind the BSP. Therefore, BSP itself has become the third front.

Mishra criticized the Modi government over the new agricultural laws. The government claims that these laws are in the interest of the farmers, but when this claim is not acceptable to the farmers, he questioned why the government is imposing these laws on the farmers. We raised the question in Parliament on this issue. However, there is a huge difference between the words and deeds of the Modi government, he alleged.

Few industrialists have bought the country. The government has taken out the sale of railways, banks, airlines, insurance companies. The government had promised two crore jobs. However, it is not up to the government to meet it. He pointed out that government jobs are also declining.

Mishra also lashed out at the state government led by Yogi Adityanath. Instead of curbing bullying, incidents of sexual harassment and murder are rampant in the state. Especially Brahmins and Dalits are under terror in the state of Yogi. He alleged that they were being searched and attacked. There are 3 crore Brahmins in the state. If all these people unite, any party will follow them, he added.

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