ISI working for revival of Khalistani terrorism

ISI working for revival of Khalistani terrorism

ISI working for revival of Khalistani terrorism

Jalandhar / News Agency

Pakistan's spy agency ISI appears to be working to resurrect Khalistani terrorism in Punjab. It has become clear that ISI is trying to revive Khalistanism in Punjab by harboring Sikh terrorists in Pakistan. Lakhbir Singh Rode, head of the International Sikh Youth Foundation, based in Lahore, Pakistan, is being held by the ISI as it prepares to rebuild the Khalistan Zindabad Force in Punjab.

Despite early warnings from Indian intelligence agencies that efforts are being made to revive Khalistani terrorism in Punjab, the Punjab police have not been vigilant. It was revealed after the arrest of Gurmukh Singh that arms were being sent from Pakistan to Punjab.

The name of Lakhbir Singh Rode, a Pakistani asylum seeker, first came to light in a conspiracy to blow up an Air India flight. He was arrested in 1998 near Kathmandu with 20 kg of RDX. Rode's name has been linked to various terrorist organizations. He is trying to use social media to attract Punjabi and Sikh youth to Khalistani terrorism. Lakhbir is working to incite Sikh youth through dozens of branches of the International Sikh Youth Foundation in Canada and Europe.

A few days ago, so-called terrorists Amritpal Singh and Sunny were arrested in Amritsar. The bombs and pistols seized from them were sent by Gurpreet Singh Khalsa, a terrorist from Babbar Khalsa International. He is currently in England.

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