Twitter attack on India's democratic system: Rahul Gandhi

Twitter attack on India's democratic system: Rahul Gandhi

Twitter attack on India's democratic system: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi / Correspondent

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi alleged that a company like Twitter, which does business in India, interferes politically in the country and openly attacks the country's democratic process.

Twitter has block the accounts of some Congress leaders, including Gandhi, for posting on Twitter revealing the identity of the family of a young woman who was sexually abused in Delhi. Gandhi has released an video on YouTube blaming twitter.  

The attack by Twitter by shutting down my account is not against Rahul Gandhi personally. My account has 2 crore followers. You are denying them freedom of expression. This act is unjust. This undermines the expectation that Twitter should be a fair platform for users to express their views, and the integration of such platforms," ​​Gandhi told Twitter.

Democracy in the country is under threat. We are not allowed to speak in Parliament. The media is controlled by the government. We look to platform like Twitter as a ray of hope to express our thoughts. However, it is now clear that Twitter is not fair. Gandhi alleged that Twitter was imitating what the government said. He also appealed to Indians to ask whether they would allow a commercial company to influence Indian politics in such a scenario.

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