100 crore vaccination is proof of India's capability: PM

100 crore vaccination is proof of India's capability: PM

100 crore vaccination is proof of India's capability: PM

New Delhi / Correspondent

100 crore is not just a general figure for vaccination. This is strong evidence of India's ability to achieve big goals right now. It is the symbol of the new India. This has silenced critics, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

India is always compared to other countries. However, in most other countries, up-to-date medical facilities were already in place. This was a new beginning for India. Can India meet the requirements for vaccination; Doubts were being expressed about this. However, 100 crore vaccinations have solved all these doubts, Modi said.

With the question; is the virus going to escape by clapping Thali we had to face lot of criticism. However, this initiative was a reflection of people's participation and ability. Technology has played a major role in the success of the vaccination campaign. The technology that India has today is not even available to some of the largest, most advanced countries in the world. Science is the mother of the vaccination campaign. The expedition was based on science. its foundation is also science. "Science and scientific approach is the soul of this campaign," Modi said.

Vaccination coverage has led to an increase in positivity among people. The economy is recovering. Many experts have expressed favorable views on the growth of the Indian economy. The youth are getting employment again. There is a significant increase in capital among industries. The new economic policy will give the economy a great deal of momentum and strength and make it prosperous; This was also claimed by the Prime Minister.

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