Congress party election process from November 1

Congress party election process from November 1

Congress party election process from November 1

New Delhi / Correspondent

In the meeting of the Central Working Committee of the Congress, the process of election within the party was held on. It was decided to start from November 1. The meeting was attended by 52 party leaders. Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Digvijay Singh and other five senior leaders could not attend the meeting. During the meeting, the party's interim president Sonia Gandhi criticized central government, the Bharatiya Janata Party and the party's disgruntled G-23 leaders.

It is not known exactly who takes the decision in the party, said senior party leader Kapil Sibal some time back. In that connection, Sonia Gandhi said, "Although I am the interim president of the party, I am a full-time president." We have never shied away from taking a stand on issues of public interest. No reason to go to the media to talk to me. We should all discuss honestly. The message should go out.that Central Working Committee decides unanimously about the party,

"I am aware that I am the interim president of the party," she said. I also want party elections. However, elections could not be held due to the Corona crisis. At the same time, he announced his decision to start the election process from November 1.

Twenty-three disgruntled leaders, including Kapil Sibal and Ghulam Nabi Azad, had urged Sonia Gandhi to hold a party election and elect a full-time president. They also demanded a meeting of the working committee on these issues.

Concerns about the country's economic situation

"Despite the fact that the government's propaganda machinery is trying to mislead the people by making unrealistic claims, the country's economic situation has deteriorated and this is a matter of concern," Gandhi said.She also criticized the Modi government for selling national assets in the name of economic reforms.

'Lakhimpur massacre shows BJP's attitude'

In Lakhimpur, 4 farmers were killed when they came under the vehicle of BJP workers. Ashish Mishra, son of Union Home Minister, has also been arrested in the case. This incident shows the attitude of the BJP. How does the ruling BJP view the farmers who are struggling to sustain their livelihood. "What is the role of this party about farmers, How they react on farmers' movement, this incident shows," she said.

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