Sameer Wankhede complains that he is being watched

Sameer Wankhede complains that he is being watched

Aryan Khan Drug Party Case

Mumbai / Correspondent

Sources in the squad said that Sameer Wankhede, the divisional director of the NCB (anti-narcotics squad) had lodged a complaint with the Mumbai Police alleging that he was being kept under surveillance. He is investigating superstar Shah Rukh Khan's son Aryan Drug Party case. However, Wankhede declined to comment further, saying that this is very serious.

Mutha Jain, a senior officer of the Narcotics Control Department, along with Wankhede, met the Maharashtra police chief and lodged a complaint with him alleging that he was being monitored, sources said. The two men are keeping an eye on his movements. The two were also captured on CCTV cameras, and they claims to be police, the complaint said.

A team led by Wankhede has arrested eight people, including Aryan Khan, after receiving information that a drug party would be held on a cruise from Mumbai to Goa. The team claimed that the youths had brought drugs hidden in boxes of eye lenses and packets of sanitary napkins. Drugs have been seized from them. Although Aryan was not actually found in possession of drugs, he is suspected of being involved not only in the crime but also in running an international drug gang and has been denied bail three times. The Drug Enforcement Administration claims that it received the information in its WhatsApp conversation.

Meanwhile, the action against Aryan and his friends has sparked political controversy. Recently, NCP Minister Nabab Malik, who is a member of the ruling Mahavikas Alliance in the state, has accused the BJP of being behind the move. He pointed out that BJP leader Manish Bhanushali and private detective KP Gosavi were present along with the probe team during the operation on the cruise. What is the role of private intelligence and political leaders in the operations of the Central Investigation Agency; He has also asked such a question.

Both the Drug Enforcement Administration and Bhanushali have denied Malik's allegations. BJP has nothing to do with this action. I was informed that there was going to be a drug party on the cruise and you gave it to the concerned department. That is why Bhanushali has claimed that he is present on the cruise with the squad. Bhanushali and Gosavi were also present at the scene as independent witnesses by the Narcotics Control Department. The department says the allegations made by Malik are baseless.

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