The history of gaming unfolded

The history of gaming unfolded

Many animations and games have been created by the students

Pune: Throughout the day, some of the people around us spend a lot of time playing games and looking at smartphones. These days individuals are more occupied with playing various kinds of games. Games with a pleasing appearance, a lifelike design, and moments of material pleasure can be played for hours. But there was a time when we used to play video games on TV, shoot flying ducks, shoot tanks and take Mario to his princess, and spend our entire Diwali vacation. Super Mario changed the history of gaming. Now is the era of mobile, PlayStation. Games played on TV are now a thing of the past. But the students of Frameboxx Animation Institute in Pune unraveled the history of global gaming. Pune residents recently got to see an exhibition of "Artbox" based on the concept of gaming at the Frameboxx Institute at Swargate. From Pong, a game created in 1972, to Duck Hunt, Super Mario, Contra, Counter-Strike, GTA Vice City, and even PUBG, the students reviewed how the games were created, their history, and their popularity through the exhibition. Ravi Gupta, CEO of Frameboxx, Vinita Bachani, Vice President of the company, and Amit Chhetri, Assistant General Manager, Vinay Binayke, and Sunita Binayke of Swargate Branch were present on this occasion. Earlier, an annual art exhibition was organized at the Institute at Ferguson College Road.

Ravi Gupta said that the number of people who play games in India is significant. The turnover on mobile games is over billions of dollars. Today, millions of video games are easily accessible with a single click. Even playing for eight-ten hours is not satisfying. The number of fans of virtual games is huge all over the world. A big craze of online gaming is also seen in many countries. Many people can get jobs in the future by using this gaming. In the financial year 2023, lakhs of jobs will likely be created in the country's gaming industry along with other AVC i.e., animation, VFX, and comics sectors. If we consider the next eight years, about 20 lakh new jobs will be created in the field of animation, VFX, gaming, and comics i.e., AVCG. The central government itself has claimed this. In the report of the task force set up by the Government of India, this prediction has been made.

Vinita Bachani said that the field of developing different games is a field that can easily draw anyone to it by using different disciplines and immersing the player in the storyline. Video games have contributed greatly to the advancements made in computing. The global online gaming market is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. The online gaming industry market has been at its peak in popularity in the past decades.



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