Rahul Gandhi's prediction in America, said - BJP will be wiped out in the next 3-4 assembly elections

Rahul Gandhi's prediction in America, said - BJP will be wiped out in the next 3-4 assembly elections

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's foreign tour always brings a boom in Indian politics. He is currently on a trip to America. Here he attended a reception on Thursday. During this, he sometimes targeted PM Modi and sometimes attacked his party. He said that I can predict that the Congress will wipe out the BJP in the next three-four assembly elections.

The six-day tour became the center of controversies
Let us tell you, Rahul Gandhi is on a six-day US tour and on Wednesday he had his first interaction with Indians which has already become the center of controversies. For his remarks on the new Parliament building, the Congress leader has once again been accused of insulting India on foreign soil. At the same time, it has now been said that the BJP will be wiped out.

Constant attacker on Modi
Rahul Gandhi on Thursday arrived at a reception hosted for him by Indian American Frank Islam. Attacking Modi, he said that people have a misconception that the chariot of BJP and RSS cannot stop like this. While there is nothing like that. Rahul said that I can predict that you will see that in the next three or four elections we will fight the BJP and they will be wiped out.

Media will sing praises of PM Modi only
Responding to a question, the Congress leader said that I can tell you right now that he is going to have a really tough time in these assembly elections. We will do with them what we have done in Karnataka. Rahul also targeted the media of India. He said that if you ask the Indian media, they will say that no such thing is going to happen. However, as you can see for yourself, in the assembly elections held on May 10 in Karnataka, the Congress won a substantial majority and ousted the BJP from power.

Not supported by the people of India
Rahul told members of the think-tank community and parliamentarians that the Indian media is currently promoting the BJP. He said that you see yourself that 60 percent of the population neither votes for BJP nor for PM Modi. But they are good at shouting out their victories because they have the means. However, the vast majority of the Indian population is not going to support him. Responding to another question, Gandhi said he was confident that the Congress would be able to defeat the BJP.

Assembly elections will be held in five states – Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Telangana and Mizoram – later this year, setting the stage for the crucial general elections in 2024.

It is not possible to defeat Modi
The 52-year-old Congress leader said that rebuilding the democratic set up will not be easy. It will be difficult. This is going to take time. However, we are absolutely sure that we will let the BJP defeat. He said that you will hear from the media that it is impossible to defeat Modi. Much of it is exaggerated. Modi is really very weak. There is huge unemployment in the country. Inflation has increased in the country. All these things sting very badly to the people of India.


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