On the occasion of the I Love Pachagani Festival, Pachagani has blossomed into a tourist hub

On the occasion of the I Love Pachagani Festival, Pachagani has blossomed into a tourist hub

Panchgani / Represetative -  'I Love Pachgani Festival' will be organized on Friday. 1 to Sunday It has been done between 3. Local as well as young tourists have entered the festival as a lot of programs have been organized this time.
Friday The festival was inaugurated by dignitaries at Bhausaheb Bhilare Stadium in Pachgani on 1st at 5 pm. On this occasion, music and dance performances will be performed and famous cartoon characters of children's favorite were ready to welcome the tourist guests. After this, the main market of Panchgani city is the heritage market where the tourists were entertained in the hustle and bustle of painting, handicraft and flower display and band playing etc. The first day was characterized by paragliding and traditional weapons display, live band and walking plaza waiting for the gourmands.
Saturday International Kite Festival was organized under 'I Love Panchgani' festival on the table land plateau of Panchgani on 2nd morning. Students of various schools, tourists and locals enjoyed this festival.

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In this International Kite Festival, tourists were given the opportunity to see giant kites of various sizes. Big size kites were flown in the sky. Cartoon kites attracted the special attention of the tourists. The long-tailed fish kite and 'I love Panchgani' kite became the special attraction of this festival. Along with the usual paper or cloth kites, kites of different sizes were also attracting attention. The fun of watching the special shaped kites was something else.

The crowd of colorful kites and the blue sky gave the feeling of being able to fit in the blink of an eye. Tourists came from many parts to see this festival. The Kite Festival organized to promote tourism was inaugurated by Mayur Vora, Director of Mapro Food Products Company, Rajvi Vora and the Aero Model Flying Show was inaugurated by Asrafbhai Merchant. Aali. Tourists were delighted to see the battery-powered and flying remote-controlled airplanes.

Festival President Shivaji Shinde, Former President Rajendra Bhagat, General Secretary Murad Khan, Bharatbhai Purohit, Rajendra Parthe, Nitinbhai Bhilare, Prashant More, Jaywant Bhilare, Aditya Gole and members of the festival team were present in both these programs. The Pachgani market was filled with handicrafts, floral display, weapons display and band playing.

On the second day of the festival, the sweet and melodious voice of Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar's daughter Radhika Mangeshkar added to the height of the festival. The audience remembered. The audience gave spontaneous appreciation to all the songs they sang. The youth was seen swaying to the rhythm of the music.

Zumba dance was also performed by women. Mallakhamb and Dandapatta were the bold and adventurous sports. Sunday Marathon competition will be held on 3rd morning. The festival will conclude with a grand program of Kite Festival, Mallakhamb Competition, Rope Competition, Wanderlust, Painting, Handicrafts, Flower Show and Band Play at Tableland. Organizers have appealed to everyone to participate in this festival and enjoy the festival.
Tourists await & excited
Tourists look forward to the Pachagani Festival which is held every year in December. The cool pink winter of Pachagani, decorated markets, traditional and adventurous games, stalls of food items and various household items, and the streets overflowing with tourists, Bazarpeth is very exciting for everyone.

The ancient tradition of Pachagani will be seen in the festival. Pachagani city is famous as a world-class tourist destination and educational center. Through this festival, tourists can see the old Pachagani through murals, old buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc.

The dance show of Phulwa Khamkar's team, who made big actors of famous films dance to their tunes in the I Love Pachgani festival, will be held on December 3 at 6:30 pm. As it will be held at Bhausaheb Bhilare Stadium, this is a pleasant shock for the fans of Panchgani and surrounding areas.

Phulva' means a dancer, dance teacher, dance director who makes Apsaras dance to her beat. Phulwa has made big actors in famous films like Natrang, Mitwa dance to his tunes. Fulva Khamkar is known as everyone's favorite dance director who has choreographed in many Marathi films be it Wajle Ki Bara or Apsara Aali. The team of well-known choreographer Fulva Khamkar will perform the show at Bhausaheb Bhilare Stadium.


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