Two farmers fell in 300 feet deep tunnel of 'Nira Bhima' project; search begins

Two farmers fell in 300 feet deep tunnel of 'Nira Bhima' project; search begins

Baramati: Two farmers fell into a 300 feet deep tunnel of Nira Bhima Water Stabilization Project in Kazad area of Indapur taluka on Wednesday (22nd) evening. The search operation for these farmers has been started immediately. The names of the two farmers are Anil Narute (age 35) and Ratilal Narute (age 55). These two are cousins. The farmers had gone to check the electric pump installed in the tunnel from an 'open space' of the project on Dukane Kalas Marg. As the water stopped coming from this pump, it is getting preliminary information that these two have gone there.

Meanwhile, these two did not return home even after late evening. So Nana Narute and other relatives reached the spot to search for them. However, they were nowhere to be found. Teacher Nana Narute said that the incident was noticed from the two bikes on the spot.

Meanwhile, as there was no water, it is preliminary estimated that the two fell into the 300 feet deep tunnel while descending to inspect the electric pump, efforts are being made to search for these two and to save their lives. The police administration has rushed to the spot immediately. After MLA Dattatray Bharne got the information about this, he gave necessary instructions to Tehsildar Shrikant Patil in this regard.


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