If time comes, change the law but give reservation to Maratha, Dhangar community - MP Srinivas Patil's demand in Lok Sabha

If time comes, change the law but give reservation to Maratha, Dhangar community - MP Srinivas Patil's demand in Lok Sabha

Karad / Representative : Although everyone is of the opinion that the demands regarding reservation of both Maratha and Dhangar communities are right, this issue has been stuck in the vicious cycle of the process for the last 12 years. According to legal experts, the central government's role in the process of reservation is very important, but the central government is silent in all these processes. Therefore, MP of Satara Lok Sabha Constituency Srinivas Patil strongly demanded that the demands of Maratha and Dhangar community should be resolved immediately by changing the law if time permits.

The winter session of Parliament has started from Monday 4th December and on the very first day of the session, Srinivas Patil's cannon exploded in Lok Sabha over the reservation of Maratha and Dhangar community. Currently, the issue of Maratha and Dhangar reservation is on the table in Maharashtra and the social atmosphere has been disturbed in the background of the agitation. Drawing the attention of the House to this, Srinivas Patil raised the issue of reservation in the Lok Sabha.

On this occasion, Srinivas Patil said, Maharashtra is a land of social equality, brotherhood and reformism since historical times. The demands of both these communities regarding reservation are right and everyone in Maharashtra has a positive opinion about it. Maratha community and Dhangar community have been agitating for reservation for last 10 to 12 years. During this period, Maharashtra has seen the change of four state governments. Every time protesting society and opposition parties put pressure on the rulers. The ruling party sets up a committee or commission. As the case progresses, the reservation is announced in the last month of that government's tenure. It is later rejected in court on some legal point. Meanwhile, the government changes and the former rulers blame the next rulers. Maharashtra is witnessing this vicious cycle for the last 12 years.

Even if 150 to 200 MPs or MLAs are elected from the Maratha community, it is wrong to deny the educational and economic backwardness of crores of poor Marathas. Also, there is a strong public sentiment in Maharashtra that it is wrong to ignore the demand of the Dhangar community due to the difference between the R and D of the words Dhangar and Dhangad.

Ignoring the issue of these two communities for a long period of time can be worrisome for the future of Maharashtra. Everyone is seeing that the atmosphere of instability, fear and mistrust is increasing in the minds of the common people due to the conflicting agitations, meetings, speeches and statements that are going on every day in Maharashtra. Such an environment in an important state like Maharashtra is a matter of great concern for the country and the central government.

Legal experts say that the central government's role is most important in the process of these reservations. But the central government is keeping silent on this issue. Central government should give top priority to this serious issue. Mr. Patil demanded that appropriate amendments should be made in the law if necessary and immediate steps should be taken to fulfill the demands of both the communities regarding reservation.


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