Govt to directly deposit Rs 5 per litre subsidy on cow's milk : BJP leader Harshvardhan Patil

Govt to directly deposit Rs 5 per litre subsidy on cow's milk : BJP leader Harshvardhan Patil
Harshvardhan Patil

Indapur / Representative

The decision of the grand alliance government to directly deposit Rs 5 per liter subsidy on cow's milk in the bank account of the farmers will provide relief to the milk producing farmers who are facing financial difficulties. Former minister and BJP leader Harshvardhan Patil informed that this decision of the grand alliance government is welcome in Indapur on Friday (22nd). Also on this occasion, Harshvardhan Patil praised the Dudhganga Milk Producers Co-operative Union for its rapid progress towards planned progress.

Harshvardhan Patil was speaking at the organizer's press conference at the office of Dudhganga Cooperative Union in Indapur. On this occasion, the officials of Dudhganga Sangh honored and thanked Harshvardhan Patil and Rajvardhan Patil for following up with the Mahayuti government for increasing the subsidy. Uttam Jadhav, Vice President Vikram Koratkar, Milk Sangh Director Rajvardhan Patil, Vilasrao Waghmode, Shahajirao Shinde and other dignitaries were present on this occasion.

Harsh Vardhan Patil further said, due to this decision of the state government, the milk production farmers on 1st January. per liter of cow's milk from Rs. The rate will be 34. According to the announcement made by the Minister of Dairy Development, Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil, it is mandatory to pay Rs. 29 per liter of cow's 3.2 fat and 8.3 SNF milk by cooperative milk societies to the personal bank account of milk producers through online mode, after which an amount of Rs. 5 per liter will be paid on behalf of the government. It will be credited to the bank account of the farmers.

Due to falling milk prices, the milk producing farmers are in financial trouble, I and Rajvardhan Patil, Director of Dudhganga Milk Producers Cooperative Union, met the Dairy Industry Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil in Mumbai on November 6 and gave a statement. After that, Vikhe Patil held a meeting with the officials of the milk department regarding the subsidy. Also d. By meeting again on 20th November, farmers were asked to pay Rs. 7 per liter should be given as subsidy. After that, Dairy Development Minister Vikhe Patil on November 21. A meeting of all concerned was held at Sahyadri guest house to discuss milk price hike. Harshvardhan Patil said on this occasion that many organizations from across the state had demanded an increase in the price of cow's milk.

Harshvardhan Patil further said, milk business has a lion's share in the economic progress of farmers in Indapur taluka. While working as Director of Shivamrut Sangh of Akluj, Director of Pune District Milk Sangh (Katraj) I organized in a planned manner for the growth of dairy business. A large number of educated youth, women, farm laborers, smallholder farmers are working in milk business. Due to the Dudhganga Dudh Sangh, the milk business of the farmers in the taluk was stabilized. Meanwhile, Dudh Sangh was in trouble. But now with the agreement with Amul, Dudh Sangh is progressing rapidly. Payment is being made to the farmers every 10 days and milk payment of Rs. 12 crores per month is being given to the farmers. The collection of milk union has become 1 lakh liters per day. This information was given by Harshvardhan Patil. The leadership needs vision for the development of the taluk. Harshvardhan Patil also expressed his regret that unfortunately, in the last ten years, not a single co-operative society has started in the taluka or not a single work has been done for the overall development of the common people.

Harshvardhan Patil and Rajvardhan Patil felicitated by Dudhganga Sangh..

The state government should give milk subsidy for the last two months. Former minister Harshvardhan Patil and Director of Dudhganga Milk Sangh Rajvardhan Patil were felicitated on behalf of the Dudhganga Milk Producers Cooperative Union for the success of the demand by consistently pursuing this demand. On this occasion, Harsh Vardhan Patil thanked the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister and the Grand Alliance government along with Dairy Development Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil on behalf of the milk producing farmers.


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