'Immediately stop sharing 'Viksit Bharat' message on WhatsApp'

Election Commission directs government

'Immediately stop sharing 'Viksit Bharat' message on WhatsApp'

The Election Commission on Thursday directed the Central government to immediately stop sending WhatsApp messages under 'Vikas Bharat Sampark'. Actually, WhatsApp messages were sent to a large number of people yesterday under 'Developed India Contact'. Its purpose is to provide information about government schemes to the people. After receiving the complaint in this matter, the Election Commission issued instructions to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in this regard.

That's why the decision was taken
The Election Commission said that this step has been taken to ensure level playing field in elections. This is part of the necessary steps being taken by the Commission. The Commission has also sought a compliance report on this matter from the Ministry.

The ministry had given this answer
Earlier, the ministry had informed the commission that the messages issued along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's letter were sent before the model code of conduct came into force on March 16. Some messages may have reached some people late due to network related reasons.

What is the matter?
Let us tell you that the Commission had received many complaints that despite the announcement of General Elections 2024 and the implementation of the Code of Conduct, messages informing about the government's schemes are still being sent to the phones of the general public. Congress and Trinamool Congress had objected to this message. Both had demanded action from the commission.


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