Pune | Adhalrao is jealous as I got Sansad Ranta three times in my first term - MP Dr Kolhe

Pune | Adhalrao is jealous as I got Sansad Ranta three times in my first term - MP Dr Kolhe

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There is a direct fight between NCP (SP) candidate and sitting MP Dr Amol Kolhe and NCP (AP) candidate Shivajirao Adhalrao Patil in the Shirur Lok Sabha constituency. Both of them are levelling allegations and counter-allegations against each other during the election campaign.

Dr Kolhe has pointed his guns on Adhalrao again. He said that Adhalrao is jealous as he has won the Sansad Ratna award three times in the first term.

Dr Kolhe was interacting with the media in Hadapsar recently. He said that all MVA leaders are behind him. Common people are against the BJP and the Maha Yuti. Adhalrao should declare how much development funds he brought during 15 years (his three terms).

“I am happy that I could bring Rs 19,500 crore development funds to my constituency. It is my open challenge to Adhalrao that he should show a big project that he brought to Shirur in 15 years,” said Dr Kolhe.

Reason behind Adhalrao’s jealousy

Dr Kolhe said, “Adhalrao should answer my only question: People elected him for 15 years. Why couldn’t he restart the bullock cart races for seven years? I have worked as an actor for several years. However, I never see anybody changing roles so quickly. Adhalrao has done it and I salute him for this. He is jealous that I have won the Sansad Ratna award three times in my first term. If the award is announced from a 10X10 ft room as you said, then does it not apply to MP Shrikant Shinde, the Chief Minister’s son, who has also got the Sansad Ratna award.”

Criticism of Ajit Pawar

Dr Kolhe said, “A vote for the trumpeter (his party symbol) is a vote for Sharad Pawar. It is doubtful whether the Maha Yuti will survive in the State or not. The NCP (AP) from Maha Yuti got only 4-5 seats, out of which one candidate is from Ajit Pawar’s family while two candidates have been imported. Even after making several trips to Delhi, Ajit Pawar has to be content with only 4-5 seats. He has challenged me, he is a big leader. Earlier, he had the backing of Sharad Pawar. Ajit Pawar is a big leader. We are commoners, we know how to fight.”

Khadse knows how he was treated in the BJP

NCP MLC Eknath Khadse is joining the BJP again as disclosed by Khadse himself. When asked about this, Dr Kolhe said, “Khadse is a tall leader. He knows how he was treated in the BJP. It is improper for me to comment on that.” On VBA candidate Mangaldal Bandal’s withdrawal of candidature, he said that it was his party’s internal decision. He did not speak to anyone.


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