Sharad Pawar Interacts With Students In Pune, Assures Action On Their Concerns

Sharad Pawar Interacts With Students In Pune, Assures Action On Their Concerns

Pune, Represenative

In a recent event at Pune’s Balgandharva Rangmandir, senior leader and national president of the NCP-SP, Sharad Pawar, interacted with students, primarily those gearing up for competitive exams. The gathering, marked by enthusiastic cheers in his honour, provided an opportunity for students to voice their grievances and aspirations, which Pawar promised to address promptly.

Pawar’s interaction with the students was marked by genuine concern and attentiveness. Noticing the substantial turnout of aspirants preparing for civil service exams, many of whom hail from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, Pawar ensured that their concerns were heard. With a significant influx of such students flocking to Pune each year to pursue their dreams of becoming civil servants, Pawar acknowledged the challenges they face and pledged support for their endeavours.

During the event, Pawar invited select students to join him on stage, where he earnestly responded to their inquiries. One student raised a pertinent question regarding women’s empowerment and the low participation of women in decision-making processes. Pawar emphasised the importance of not underestimating women in any sphere, highlighting their inherent potential and the need for equal opportunities. He cited his own decision to include women in the defence force as a testament to his commitment to gender equality.

The event held particular significance for the competitive exam students, who have very high expectations from Pawar. His track record of taking note of their protests and advocating for their demands has earned him their trust and support. Last year, when competitive exam students staged a significant protest in Pune, Pawar personally visited the demonstration and listened to their grievances, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to their cause.

At this time, students also pledge their support for Sharad Pawar and his party in the upcoming election.


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