...Murlidhar Mohol's work report; Punekar's neglected!

'Observations' by Nitin Kadam

...Murlidhar Mohol's work report; Punekar's neglected!

Pravin Pagare

For Pune Lok Sabha Constituency, BJP has started campaigning 'Mohol for Modi'. Even though the campaign was based on 'Give vote to Modi and elect Muralidhar Mohol' to make Modi the Prime Minister for the third time, why did some important problems of Pune get stuck, instead of being solved even after five years of single handed power over the municipality?

These questions have surrounded the BJP. Pune residents are doing a 'post-mortem' of the brief report of Mahayuti candidate Muralidhar Mohol, who has recently delivered the information about what he has done for Pune and is reaching from door to door.

Criticism is being made that the report is of four pages and work completed also four, and yet they are looking for 400 seats. What is special is that by arranging the same work on different pages has been done perfectly, it would be surprising if it did not escape from the eyes of the Pune people! NCP (SP) leader Nitin Kadam has drawn attention to this.

An discussion is now taking place on the brief report 'Commitment with Pune' sent to Pune citizens via social media and other media platforms, This report only accounts for the works in Metro, River Improvement, Medical College, Chandni Chowk Flyover, Water Supply Flyover and Corona. By presenting the same works again briefly in the last pages, it is underlining that 'there is nothing more concrete to say'. In such words, Nitin Kadam has made observationsof this work report.

Undone works.. Punekar's neglected

- Who took away the 40% discount on Income Tax?
- Metro is only 20% completed, traffic problems were 'like' due to non-implementation of alternative roads for the rest of the metro.
- During the NCP period, Pune was ranked second in the smart city competition in the country. During Mohol's tenure, it was time to wrap up the Smart City.
- Chief Minister Eknath Shinde himself got stuck in Chandni Chowk.
- Roads dug for other works are still not repaired.
- 24x7 water scheme is still not smooth.
- Jayka project is still stalled.
- Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical College partially opened, patients deprived of treatment.
- There are electric buses for long distances from Pune, but there are no electric buses for traveling around Pune itself.
- There is no disaster management department, so difficulty in the facing natural calamities.
- What about the redevelopment of Balgandharva?
- Degradation of environment of Pune due to river improvement project and Balbharti-Poud diversion road.
- Ignoring the drains in central areas of Pune.
- Balewadi sports university has not yet been established.

The 'Light House' project, which provides employment based on skill development training, was in the NCP's manifesto during the last municipal elections. There has been an attempt to discredit them.

The flyovers at COEP and the flyovers at Swargate have come under NCP. Also, while 83 water tanks were approved during the tenure of the former chairperson of the Standing Committee, Ashwini Kadam, those works have also been included in this four-page report.

Nitin Kadam has expressed his firm belief that even though the BJP has tried to get votes by presenting a 48-page booklet Modi @10 along with a brief work report as it has not done anything concrete for Pune, Punekar's will not support it.

Apart from talking about the development of Pune before the announcement of elections, he has also made an ironic criticism that there is no 'Ram' in this work report of Muralidhar Mohol who talks about 'Bhakti'.


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