China releases video of Galwan clashes

China releases video of Galwan clashes

China releases video of Galwan clashes

Beijing / News Agency

Shortly after a joint meeting of Indian and Chinese military officials, China released a video of last year's deadly clash between Indian and Chinese troops in the Galvan Valley.

In the Galwan valley in Ladakh. On June 15 last year, a fierce battle broke out between Indian and Chinese troops. India officially declared 20 soldiers dead in the skirmish; After a long delay, China announced that four of its soldiers had been killed. However, this number is likely to be much higher. Last year, for the first time since the 1962 war between India and China, there was a deadly clash between the two armies.

A video released by China shows Chinese soldiers throwing stones at Indian troops. Some soldiers are trying to escape from the flowing waters of the Galvan River. Crowds of soldiers from both the countries are also seen gathering. The conflict has been followed by several rounds of talks at the political and military levels in both countries. In these discussions, it was decided that the troops of both countries would withdraw from the Line of Actual Control. In reality, however, the process of military withdrawal, especially from China, has been extremely slow. On the contrary, a few days ago, there were reports of Chinese tents being found on the Indian border.

Against this backdrop, a meeting of senior military officials of India and China was held on Saturday. At the meeting, both sides agreed to resolve pending issues, the joint statement said. However, even after a long 9-hour meeting, no major movement of Chinese troops was seen to retreat, especially from strategic locations such as Hot Springs and Gogra. India has insisted on withdrawing Chinese troops from the areas, including Depsang.

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