Art for culture, environment and self-reliance

Art for culture, environment and self-reliance

Art for culture, environment and self-reliance

Pune / Correspondent 

Ganpati has a special and important place in Indian culture. Of all the Hindu deities, Ganpati is the most popular. The biggest contributor to his popularity is his alluring looks! Just as Ganesh is considered to be the deity of intellect, he is also considered to be the deity of art. The form of Ganapati with elephant head and human body attracts everyone. The creativity of the artists is called for.

Even though there are many deities in India, the most diverse and popular form of God is Ganpati! Ganpati in the form of a innocent child, Ganpati who ascends to the glorious throne and blesses the devotees with a happy look, Ganpati who leaves the usual fat and calm 'avatar' and destroys the demons by striking the arms, Sharda Ganesh and Many forms of this Ganesh that words use to not capable to describ!


Surprising if the diversity in the form of Ganapati does not awaken the creativity of the artists! Poonam and Sumit Jadhav are an artist couple who are inspired by this diversity and create different forms of Ganpati! Actually  Poonam is a trained painter. She has taken formal education in the field of painting. However, under the influence of her husband Sumit, she was more attracted to sculpture than painting! Initially cultivating only this hobby  seeing the response to this art, the Jadhav couple gave it a commercial look.

However, Poonam and Sumeet refrained from sacrificing the values ​​of creativity, artistry and social commitment in the name of professionalism. These two only make shadu clay idols. Although it is commercially profitable to make a mold of a popular idol and make hundreds of idols out of it, he reluctantly avoided making 'molded' idols, believing that the joy of creation is important in turning the form of Lord Ganesh in one's own mind or in the minds of the customers. This is what they did when it came to making shadu idols.

They chose eco friendly material without using any thing    harmful to the environment. Poonam and Sumit work to embody the form of Ganpati in the minds of their customers. The time, skills and tools required for this are put to work. They provide satisfactory service to a select few 50 customers a year, rather than making a lot of money. Isn't it the commitment of the society to promote these artists?

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