Those who doubt Savarkar should be ashamed: Amit Shah

Those who doubt Savarkar should be ashamed: Amit Shah

Those who doubt Savarkar should be ashamed: Amit Shah

Port Blair / News Agency

Those who doubt Swatantryaveer V. D. Savarkar's patriotism, hard work and sacrifice should be ashamed, said Home Minister Amit Shah. Shah's remarks came amid a controversy over Defense Minister Rajnath Singh's statement that Savarkar had applied for clemency to the British government on Mahatma Gandhi's instructions.

Shah paid homage to the memory of the freedom fighters by visiting the Cellular Jail, a national monument here, on the occasion of the nectar anniversary of Indian independence. He also laid a wreath at the photo of Swatantryaveer Savarkar. There can be no greater pilgrimage than a cellular prison. He said that every Indian should visit this place at least once in his life and pay homage to the memory of freedom fighters.

How can anyone have any doubts about the freedom fighter who have been working hard to get oil in this prison and have been sentenced two life imprisonment? Criticizing those who do so, Shah said that Savarkar had everything he needed to live comfortably. However, he took a difficult path. Because of his indomitable courage and patriotism, millions of Indians have given Savarkar the title of Swatantryaveer and not any government but No one can take it away, Shah said.

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