Free bus pass facility for students in drought declared areas, demands of Rashtriya Janswaraj Sena to the government

Free bus pass facility for students in drought declared areas, demands of Rashtriya Janswaraj Sena to the government

Nashik / Representative: Due to unsatisfactory rainfall in Maharashtra this year, the government has declared drought in some taluks. Accordingly, exemption in land revenue, restructuring of cooperative loans, moratorium on recovery of agriculture related loans, 33.5 percent discount in running electricity bill of agriculture pump, waiver of examination fee for school/college students, some relaxation in work criteria under Rohyo, use of tankers to supply drinking water where necessary, Non disconnection of electricity connection of farmers' agricultural pumps in villages declared as shortage. Remedial action is scheduled to be taken on such matters; However, implementation in this regard has been largely slow.

Along with this, due to low rainfall, the farmer did not get income even after investing in agriculture, "Alternatively, there is no grain in the house; there is no money in the pocket" which has forced many farmers and working class. Against this backdrop, the founder president of Rashtriya Janswarajya Sena, farmers' kaiwari Suresh (Nana) Pawar, while interacting with some farmers, realized that this situation has affected the entire social life; But along with that, adverse effect is also seen on the academic progress of students in drought-affected areas.

While students from rural areas are going to the city for education, they are unable to pay even for the bus pass of the Maharashtra State Transport Corporation, thus becoming a major obstacle in the educational journey of the students. Considering all these matters, Rashtriya Janswarajya Sena has requested the government to take immediate steps to provide free bus pass facility for the current academic year and provide relief to the students.

Party Regional Vice President Prof. Amol Balasaheb Bachhao met Nashik Upper Collector Babasaheb Pardhi and discussed the matter in detail with him and submitted a statement to this effect. Prof. Babasaheb Pardhe, Upper Collector said that he will take an immediate role to resolve this issue as soon as possible by coordinating with the concerned departments and the government. Bachhao expressed his opinion.


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