Legislators should not change political parties frequently

Legislators should not change political parties frequently

Pune, Representative
Venkaiah Naidu, Former Vice President of India, advised legislatures to remain loyal to their respective political parties and come together under one party of our ‘nation’ and one group which is ‘Bharat.’ “If legislators change their parties frequently, citizens will lose interest in politics and it will be a bad thing for democracy. Opponents in politics should protest and stop the government from doing wrong things, but they should keep in mind that they are not enemies of the government and should allow legislature to function,” said Naidu while addressing students at the inaugural function of 13th edition of Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad (BCS) organised by MIT School of Government (MIT-SOG) and MIT World Peace University (MIT WPU) in Pune. 

The three-day event of BCS was inaugurated in the august presence of Business Advisor and author Ram Charan; Basavaraj Horatti, Former Chairman of Karnataka Legislative Council; Satish Mahana, Speaker of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly; U. T. Khader Fareed, Speaker of Karnataka Legislative Assembly and Girish Gautam, Speaker of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly. UNESCO Chair Holder Revered Prof Dr. Vishwanath D Karad, Founder President MIT WPU presided over the function. Rahul V. Karad, Founder MIT SOG and Executive President, MIT WPU, Dr. R. M. Chitnis, Vice Chancellor, MIT WPU, and other dignitaries were present on the occasion. Rahul Karad was presented a Citation of Honour at the hands of Naidu and other dignitaries. 
Greeting the audience in Marathi, Naidu in his speech said, “Legislators should be role model to people. They should not disrupt proceedings of parliament. They should keep a positive mindset and discuss, debate, and decide on issues concerning their constituents. Opponents can protest and hold the government accountable, but they should do it within democratic means. Interest of common citizens should be protected by all of us.”
Ram Charan said, “Leadership makes a difference and only leaders can make a nation. Students aspiring to make a mark in the world should look for new ideas, find problems and solve them. India has a unique advantage of possessing the raw talent and each of us should choose leadership as their passion.”

Dr. Vishwanath D Karad said, “The entire universe is manifestation of your intelligence and consciousness. Students should understand and realise the importance of Indian culture. We can prove what was being said thousands of years about Indian culture. We should also understand that humanity and service are two important aspects of any elected representatives.”

Rahul V. Karad said, “There is a notion in media and public life that politicians are corrupt. But we need to strengthen our democracy by bringing educated youth in public life. Our legislators should develop platforms where young students get exposure through leadership schools. Civil society should actively participate in politics. We must also speak about spiritualization of politics and have a syllabus in legislative assemblies regarding this.”

BCS was inaugurated by ringing the bell of democracy and lighting the lamps by dignitaries. Student leaders Shubham Chavhan (Maharashtra) and Bhawik Gondliya (Gujarat) delivered inspirational speech. Dr Gautam Bapat compered the function. Dr. R. M. Chitnis welcomed the guests. Dr. K Gireesan, Director MIT SOG expressed vote of thanks.

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