When will the garbage be removed from Poona Bio Project in Ramtekdi Industrial Estate?

Health hazard for citizens in the area where lakhs of tonnes of garbage is dumped

When will the garbage be removed from Poona Bio Project in Ramtekdi Industrial Estate?

Hadapsar, Vasant Waghmare

Poona Bio Energy System Garbage Plant in Ramtekdi Industrial area of Hadapsar has dumped thousands of tons of garbage, and Poona Bio Project has dumped five hundred thousand tons of garbage and kept it in the open, the waste water in the plant here has been kept as it is and  due to this, the citizens of Syednagar, Ramtekdi, Sasanenagar, Vaidwadi Hadapsar area are reporting varois health issues.

This has resulted in mountain of garbage around lakhs of tonnes, is causing air pollution and foul smell in the area and it is difficult for the citizens of the area to get clean air.

Some citizens are said to be suffering from respiratory diseases. Pune Municipal Corporation, after closing many projects in the city during the Corona period, has started dumping the gargbage in the land in Pune Bio Project at Ramtekdi.

There is about one lakh forty thousand metric tons of garbage. So the garbage is being dumped at this place and it has been lying there for three-four years. The garbage is not being removed anywhere, on the contrary around thousand tons of old garbage has been mixed in it.

By paying Rs 419 per metric ton at the Puna Bio Energy System Garbage Project Municipal Corporation, thousands of tonnes of garbage being dumped here is playing with the health hazard for the citizens, the citizens and organizations protesting against the Municipal Corporation and the related project have given a signal to close the garbage project.

Even after contacting the concerned solid waste department, adequate information is not available. There is a demand from the citizens to remove the garbage from the open at the Puna Bio-waste Project.

Poona Bio Project, open dumping outside, four companies would have issued tender for garbage removal. Tenders would had been given to four companies. From 2019 to 2023, it is said that Rs 980 per metric was paid for garbage removal, out of the four, two companies did the work, two companies did not do the work systematically, A small amount of garbage worth a thousand tonnes was lifted, a tender was issued and the bill for lifting the garbage was passed and the garbage was collected and five hundred thousand ton garbage of our project was collected in December/November 2023, informed the manager of Poona Bio Project.


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