Rahul Gandhi's damage control surrounded by 'Shakti' statement, said - fight with our hateful demon Shakti

Rahul Gandhi's damage control surrounded by 'Shakti' statement, said - fight with our hateful demon Shakti

Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge, party MP Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and other senior leaders held a press conference today. In this conference, he has expressed concern over the matter of freezing the party's bank account. Answering media questions, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi said that he is fighting the evil power filled with hatred.

BJP complains to Election Commission on Rahul's remarks
This comment of Rahul Gandhi comes after BJP complained to the Election Commission against his power comment. On Wednesday, BJP had complained to the Election Commission against Rahul Gandhi's power remarks. Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri read out Rahul Gandhi's comments and gave a detailed presentation to the poll panel.

Addressing a rally on Sunday, Rahul Gandhi said, "We are not fighting against a political party. We are not fighting against Narendra Modi or any one person. Only one face has been put forward." "There is a word in Hinduism, Shakti. We are fighting with that Shakti. The question is, what is Shakti?"

On Tuesday, BJP hit back at Rahul Gandhi's comments. "Whoever wants to destroy Shakti, Shakti will destroy them," he said. However, Rahul Gandhi had clarified on Monday that he had not talked about any religious power.

What did Rahul say in the press conference?
In the press conference on Thursday, Rahul Gandhi said that all our bank accounts have been frozen. We cannot do any campaigning, we cannot support our workers, we cannot support our candidates. Leave alone aeroplane, our people cannot even buy tickets for railway travel. This was done two months before the elections. One notice came from the 90s, the other from 6-7 years ago; The total amount is Rs 14 lakh and the punishment is our entire financial identity. The Election Commission also did not say anything. There is no democracy here. Already our ability to contest elections is being harmed. We have already lost a month.

He further said that this is an action to target the Congress party. The Prime Minister and the Home Minister are doing this. The idea that India is a democracy is a lie. There is no democracy in India today. The idea that India is the world's largest democracy is a lie. 20% of the people of India vote for us and at the moment we cannot pay Rs 2 for anything. This has been designed to paralyze us in the elections. Even if our bank accounts are opened today, a lot of damage has been done to Indian democracy.


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