Gone are the days of asking for votes in the name of Sharad Pawar

Adhalrao Patil taunts Dr. Amol Kolhe

Gone are the days of asking for votes in the name of Sharad Pawar

Pune, Representative

Sharad Pawar is a respected personality in politics. However, your days of getting elected by asking for votes only in his name are over, NCP Ajit Pawar faction candidate from Shirur Lok Sabha constituency Shivajirao Adharao Patil has warned his rival NCP Sharad Pawar party candidate Dr Amol Kolhe.

Adhalrao Patil has criticized that people are given false promises, taken to the silver world and asked for votes. Dr. Amol Kolhe has no capital other than Sharad Pawar's name, said Adhalrao Patill.

Question to Dr Kolhe from a 'wise citizen'

Placards accusing MP Dr Amol Kolhe of not maintaining public relations in the constituency in the last five years and questioning him on behalf of the public have been put up in Ambegaon taluka.

MP sir where were you for 5 years? Why did you not visit the constituency during the corona crisis? Questions have been asked on this board that you did not have time to come to the constituency for almost five years and how did you have time to campaign now. It has been mentioned that the questioner is a wise citizen.


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