Vasant More Responds to Jitendra Awhad’s Criticism Ahead of Pune Lok Sabha Elections

Vasant More Responds to Jitendra Awhad’s Criticism Ahead of Pune Lok Sabha Elections

Pune: Reverting back to Jitendra Awhad’s criticism, Vasant More, the Vanchit Bahujan Aaghadi’s (VBA) candidate for the Pune Lok Sabha seat, said that Jitendra Awhad never understood who I was. More said, “I am not an artist. To see who I really am, Jitendra Awhad needs to come to Pune. Then only he will know about me.

More emphasised that his recognition comes from his work, not his appearance. “Prakash Ambedkar knows me not by my face but because of my work. This is my certification.” More said that Jitendra Awhad never gets the opportunity to see my work. If he can give me his one day, then I can tour him through my ward. Then he will come to know what the work of Vasant More is and what Vasant More has done for the people of Pune.

“Before criticising me, Awhad should first come to Pune, especially my wad, where I have been working for the past 15 years. He should see my work and then speak about me,” More urged. Vasant More further took a jibe at Awhad, saying that someone who beat people just because they wrote something against him on social media, would never understand the pain of a grassroots activist like him.

Earlier, Jitendra Awhad criticised Vasant More for standing for the Pune Lok Sabha on the VBA’s ticket. Awhad said that he didn’t know what qualities Prakash Ambedkar saw in him while giving a ticket to Vasant More. He also criticised Vasant More for helping the BJP’s candidate by dividing the votes of Congress’s Ravindra Dhangekar.

Reflecting on Gudhipadwa, More shared a personal anecdote, noting that it was his first time celebrating the festival at home in years. He reminisced about his past Gudhipadwa celebrations at Shivteerth, where MNS chief Raj Thackeray held large gatherings. He said that though he is not with MNS today, the good memories he spent with Raj Thackeray will always remain with him.


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