Sharad Pawar’s Diplomatic Outreach! Meets Long-Time Rival Kakade Family in Baramati

Sharad Pawar’s Diplomatic Outreach! Meets Long-Time Rival Kakade Family in Baramati

Baramati: After meeting his long-time political rival, Anantrao Thopte, Sharad Pawar once again took a courtesy meet with his one more opponent family from Baramati. Today, Sharad Pawar met his arch-rival Kakade family in Baramati.

After the political battle between the family members became inevitable, both parties started preparing vigorously against each other in the constituency. For this, both parties are meeting different leaders and seen doing the politics of uniting all the supporters in one’s favour.

Sharad Pawar has also been playing all his cards in this election to ensure a victory for her daughter, Supriya Sule. As a part of his campaign, he started meeting all his earlier political opponents and requesting that they help him in the coming election by forgetting all the early disputes.

Earlier, in the month of March, Sharad Pawar visited Anantrao Thopte at his residence in Bhor. After that, today he met the Kakade family. The Kakade family has long been an opponent of Pawar in Baramati. It is widely known that to keep his political graph upright, Sharad Pawar, in a way, ended the political existence of his many rivals.

The Kakade family is also one of those who suffered setbacks from Pawar’s rise in politics. Today, the next generation of the Kakade family is getting active in politics through the medium of sugar factories. Therefore, the Kakade family has a separate vote bank for it. As a result, these courtesy meetings of Sharad Pawar are expected to help Supriya Sule in the coming elections.


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