Sunetra Pawar Faces Backlash!

Was Asked Didn’t You Feel Bad on Ajit Pawar’s Statement?

Sunetra Pawar Faces Backlash!

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There is a strict fight between Supriya Sule and Sunetra Pawar in the Baramati Lok Sabha election. Both Ajit Pawar and Sharad Pawar are leveraging all their efforts and experience in this battle to win the Baramati Lok Sabha election. Meanwhile, a new issue has arisen between these two leaders over the remarks made by Sharad Pawar, distinguishing between ‘Original Pawar’ and ‘Outsider Pawar’. Meanwhile, the Ajit Pawar group is trying to take political advantage of the issue.

Today, during the campaign of Sunetra Pawar, when she was asked by journalists about Sharad Pawar’s statement, tears came to Sunetra Pawar’s eyes. She also refused to comment on it. After this, people in Baramati have gotten angry and asked Sunetra Pawar why she didn’t feel bad when Ajit Pawar also made a similar kind of statement a few days ago in a meeting.

Addressing an office-bearer’s meeting in Baramati a few days ago, Ajit Pawar said that you have constantly stood behind the Pawar family. Now, in this election, there is a big question about whom to vote in front of you. But he said the answer is very simple. Just vote for the candidate who has Pawar in front of her name, pointing to Supriya Sule’s changed surname after marriage as per Hindu tradition.

Taking the same point forward, when journalists asked Sharad Pawar about Ajit Pawar’s statement, Sharad Pawar said that there is a difference between the original Pawar and someone who has come from outside and then become Pawar, referring to Supriya Sule’s first claim on the Pawar surname as she was born into the Pawar family and Ajit Pawar’s wife, whose earlier surname was Patil, who later became Sunetra Pawar after marrying Ajit Pawar.

Meanwhile, when various leaders from the Ajit Pawar group started targeting Sharad Pawar over his remarks and started politicising the issue, people from Baramati started asking questions to Sunetra Pawar about whether she felt bad about Ajit Pawar’s statement.


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