BJP Candidate Murlidhar Mohol Pledges Support for Adventure Sports and Heritage Conservation

BJP Candidate Murlidhar Mohol Pledges Support for Adventure Sports and Heritage Conservation

Pune, Representative

In a gathering organised in collaboration with organisations like the Sinhagad Parivar Foundation, Narveer Pilajirao Gole Foundation, Garudzep, and Zep Mountaineering Institute, Muralidhar Mohol, a candidate for Mahayuti from Pune, expressed his admiration for the contributions of trekkers and fort conservationists in preserving historical heritage. Addressing a diverse audience comprising climbers, cyclists, athletes, and nature enthusiasts, Mohol emphasised the importance of promoting adventure sports and environmental conservation.

During his speech, Mohol expressed gratitude towards the enthusiastic hikers and cyclists whose passion for nature has inspired him. He urged the attendees to support him in fulfilling the expectations expressed during the meeting, citing the energy and motivation derived from the support received from the community. He stated, “The support I have received from people who have come here is giving me energy to reach the pinnacle of success.”

Mohol was welcomed by climbers at the event, attended by notable figures such as Giripremi Sansthan president Umeshji Zirpe, senior mountaineer Sunitatai Nadgir, and five Guinness World Record holders. Acknowledging his own background as a sportsman, Mohol highlighted the mental and physical benefits of sports and expressed his commitment to promoting adventure sports in Pune.

Paying tribute to those who lost their lives in mountain climbing expeditions, Mohol emphasised Pune’s affinity for nature and the growing interest in adventure sports among the youth. He stressed the need for increased adventure sports facilities in Pune, leveraging its proximity to the Sahyadri range to boost nature tourism in the region.

Echoing the sentiments of fort enthusiasts, Mohol supported the demand for banning plastic usage in forts across the state, recognising the importance of preserving these historical sites. He concluded by reaffirming his dedication to fostering adventure sports and preserving Pune’s natural heritage, promising to champion these causes if elected.


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