Rules must be followed to prevent third wave of corona: CM

Rules must be followed to prevent third wave of corona: CM

Rules must be followed to prevent third wave of corona: CM

Mumbai / Correspondent

Some restrictions have been relaxed in a first phase in some districts in the state. After reviewing the results of relaxations and the districts still in critical condition, a decision will be taken to extend the time for hotels and restaurants. In the meantime we want to avoid the third wave of corona. For this, Corona prohibition rules will have to be strictly followed, said Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray.

The Chief Minister was speaking at a meeting with a delegation of representatives of Indian Hotel and Restaurant Association of Food and Hotel Owners Association, NREE, a hotel and restaurant business in the state. The meeting was attended by Chief Secretary of the State Sitaram Kunte, Additional Chief Secretary of the Department of Public Health Dr. Pradeep Vyas, Additional Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister Ashish Kumar Singh, Principal Secretary to the Tourism Department Valsa Nair Singh, Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister Vikas Kharge, member of the  Kovid Task Force Dr.. Shashank Joshi and Shivanand Shetty of Hotel and Restaurant Professionals Diet Association, Anurag Katiyar of NRAR Association, Dr. PV Shetty, Ravi Shetty, Rakesh Shetty, Sukesh Shetty etc. were present.

Chief Minister Thackeray said, "We want everything to start smoothly and regularly as before. Now we have relaxed some restrictions in the first phase. It has reduced restrictions on outdoor transactions. But we have to be careful about such things indoors. The second wave required a large quantity of oxygen. If the number of patients increases in the third wave, the demand for oxygen may increase, the central authorities said. In this regard, the availability of oxygen in the districts with large number of patients will also be reviewed. Infection and patient numbers will also be reviewed after the restrictions are relaxed.

Dr. Joshi of the task force also instructed the hoteliers to vaccinate the employees, turn off the air conditioning system and make ventilated arrangements, design of toilets.

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